231 Life Conditions

I am SO excited about your interest in 231 Life!  This community is meant to be a blessing to your life and I am thrilled that you are taking action and diving deeper in your walk with Jesus- that is what we are all here for! 

However,  before you join, please make sure that you agree with the following.


231 Life is operated by those at www.findingthefancy.com.  By choosing to take advantage of a Free Trial or purchasing a 231 Life Membership, visiting and/or interacting with this site or any other portion of this site that 231 Life Members are given access to you are agreeing to the following TERMS & PRIVACY POLICY, as well as the Conditions below.


Members will…

  • Help maintain a positive, encouraging, uplifting atmosphere in this community. Anything deemed otherwise by the site administrations may be deleted and your membership may be revoked without warning.
  • Provide necessary information for interacting and communicating with 231 Life/ Finding the Fancy on both this platform and social media.
  • Not share your log in information with others.
  • Provide proper payment information. Accounts whose payment is inaccurate or ineffective will be terminated.
  • Be charged for the duration of the month that your membership is cancelled in. You will not be charged the following month.
  • Not hold Finding the Fancy/231 Life responsible for any actions taken outside of platforms operated by either
  • Only treat 231 Life contributors/writers/content creators as such and not as medical or legal experts or counselors
  • Receive e-mails from 231 site operators

231 Life at www.findingthefancy.com reserves the right to update these conditions at any time.