2 Marriage Tips ~ The 2 Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned from 2 Years as a Wife

Marriage teaches you a TON.  I thought I would learn so much about my husband after we got married.  And I have learned lots about him, but you know who I have learned the most about?  God.  And then myself.  And then my husband.  So today, on our two year anniversary, I’m sharing the two biggest lessons that I’ve learned from being a wife.

Lots of what I have blogged about has been from things that I’ve learned, so I’ll be linking a few extra posts throughout this one too! 🙂

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Lesson Number One:  The ONLY thing that will truly satisfy your heart is Jesus- your husband can’t and won’t.

This is a toughy, and I think I’ll probably spend a lifetime making sure that I keep this one in check.  It is SO easy to depend on our husbands for our satisification and happiness.  But you know what happens?  When he doens’t tell you you’re pretty enough times or he’s late coming home from work or he says something that hurts your feelings or whatever…. then your contentment and happiness start to plumett if they’re resting in him.  I know because I have done this one too many times.  And I have also got completely bent out of shape about things unnecessarily one too many times.

And the issue has always been that I was not keeping the Lord my first priority- I made it my husband instead.  But when I do make a conscious effort to put the Lord first, loving my husband comes so much easier.  It makes me want to serve him, love on him, and be kind to him.  It makes me grateful for him and laugh at all the little things he does that I would probably find annoying otherwise. lol.  Keeping the Lord my first priority makes ALL the difference in our marriage (or what I contribute to it at least).  I realize now that it is unfair for me to put the burden of keeping me fully satisfied, content, and happy on my husband because he just can’t do that for me.  And there is SO MUCH freedom for both of us when I don’t expect him to.

So if you’re a wife or fiance or even if you’re single and reading this, know this: Jesus is the ONLY one who will truly satisfy your heart because ultimately you were created for a relationship with him, not your husband.

Jesus is the ONLY one who will truly satisfy your heart because ultimately you were created for a relationship with him, not your husband Click To Tweet

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Lesson Number Two:  Only God can change hearts- both yours and your husband’s.

Another toughy.  What did you expect though? lol.  This one is something that I also keep learning day in and day out.  God is the maker and changer of hearts.  And trying to change my husband does one of two things:  makes me frustrated when he doesn’t or makes him do the opposite of what I want him to do.  So why do I try?? lol. The only person who can mold and shape my Hubby’s heart is the Lord.  So now, I really try hard to just pray for my husband day in and day out and let the Lord do what He needs to with that sweet heart of his.

Pray that your heart doesn't try to replace the Lord with your husband. Click To Tweet

I will tell you, most times when I’m really frustrated and think I’m doing the right thing by  praying that God change my husband’s heart though, I hear a little whisper that says “But what about your heart?  Is it in the right place?”  9.5 times out of 10, if I’m praying for God to “fix” something in my husband, I’m actually the one who needs the fixing.  Funny how that works huh?

To put this easily: prayer should be your number one priority when it comes to the hearts of both you and your husband.  Pray for the Lord to minister and work on your husband’s heart in the ways that he needs and pray for your heart to be soft and tender and loving towards him.  Pray for selflessness and self-discipline and a controlled tongue.  Pray that your heart doesn’t try to replace the Lord with your husband.

God is the maker and changer of hearts. Click To Tweet

My Hubby and I met not quite three years ago and we have been married for two today.  He is everything I prayed for and more, so if you’re out there waiting for your man, know that it is so worth the wait.  And if you’re a married gal pal,  I hope that you learn these lessons before I did! 🙂

And Husband, if you’re reading this, I love you so much more than I ever knew I could.  Thank you for teaching me about our Savior day in and day out whether you know you are or not.  

xoxo taylor


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