Bumpdate: 1st Trimester Tips & Must Haves

First of all, Mini Muffin is a GIRL!! We are both so excited!  Shocked, but excited! God has already been so so good to us through this season!  If you are a Mommy/ Girl Mom too, leave me all of your advice! haha.

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Second of all, time FLIES when you’re pregnant!  I am almost 22 weeks now, but I wanted to share with ya’ll a few things that helped me throughout my first trimester!  Overall, this has been a pretty smooth and easy pregnancy (which I am thanking the Lord for!), but I just wanted to share what helped me get through what wasn’t so easy!

1st Trimester Symptoms & What Helped

-Tiredness/Fatigue: I don’t really feel like there is anything that can help with this one other than sleep (since they tell you to watch your caffine intake)!! I was SO tired just all the time.  Even though I had heard this happened to you, I was amazed at how tired I was when I hadn’t even done very much that day!  Sometimes, it was all I could do to get up and make my Hubby & I dinner!  Needless to say, I rested a TON during this time.

-Nausea:  Again, so typical of pregnancy, but I did get nauseous.  It wasn’t every day or all the time or anything like that (again, I am praising the Lord for this), but there were a few days I stayed in bed all day because of how nauseous I was.  What helped me was drinking a sparkling water or eating something very bland.  I kept little baggies of Saltines crackers upstairs, downstairs, in my purse, and in my gym bag the entire first trimester.  If I could drink something a little bubbly or even just some water and snack on something bland like those crackers, usually I could get it to pass.  A few other snacks I reached for were dry toast/bread of some sort or applesauce.  Eating little meals/snacking thoughout the day also helped me keep the nausea at bay.  Walking also helped, so if I could, I would get myself to the gym first thing in the morning and walk/jog on the treadmill.  Eating as soon as I got up also helped, so my little routine became wake up, eat something within about 30 min of being up, and then get to the gym.  On mornings I did this, I noticed a LOT less nausea.

-Break Outs:  My skin has been INSANE since getting pregnant.  Still waiting for the #pregnancyglow.  lol.  I have been using my essential oils during my skincare routine on my face way more than usual because I’m not worried about the ingredients in those.  I also was having BAD break outs on my back, ESPECIALLY during the first few weeks of knowing I was pregnant (so Weeks 7-9ish).  I switched over to THIS body wash and it does seem to help.  I think the scrub is what did it- I used the same body wash without the scrub before hand.  I’m still using the scrub now and it has calmed down big time!  I realize that lots of it was probably just hormonal too.  I still feel like this is more of an issue than it was for me before I was pregnant, but its TONS better than what it was before!

-Girl Growth:  This is the first time I had ever outgrown a bra in my life. lol.

-Stomach Issues:No one told me about this one, but let me tell you, this was a MAJOR thing for me the ENTIRE first trimester.  I was bloated all the time if that clues you in. haha.  Eating lots of fiber (Fiber One Cereal & raw veggies) and drinking tons of water is what my doctor said to do.  It did help, but holy cow was this symptom a surprise!!! hahaha.

1st Trimester Purchases/ My Must Haves

-New Bra:  The only thing that I really outgrew my first trimester was my bra.  I started HATING the ones with underwire in them.  I found one that wears like a bandau and has removeable straps, so you can also wear it strapless! Win! It was like $17 at Target.

-BioOil: I wanted to buy something to avoid stretch marks the minute I noticed that body parts were growing faster than normal. lol  My Mommy friends recommended BioOil, and I am on the train now too!  I am also using it on my belly now, and so far, so good!  It has a pretty smell and is lightweight, so I put it on in the morning while I’m getting dressed and then again before I go to sleep!

-Button Extenders:  I did use these a FEW times while I was really bloated during the first trimester.  Most of my pants I could still get buttoned no problem, but there were a few days in my less stretchy pants that I pulled these out.  These are the button extenders I got!

-Decaf Coffee: I tried a TON of decaf coffees. And they all tasted SUPER watery to me and I hated them all.  I asked a few friends what they drank while they were pregnant, but I had a hard time finding the brands they recommended at my grocery stores.  So, I found THIS coffee, and it is a GAME CHANGER! It doesn’t taste watery like all of the other ones I tried.  It just tastes like a normal cup of coffee to me and it is Decaf! I did see that they had options for 1/2 caff and other levels of caffination (is that a word?) too though!  And how cute is the name?! This amazing decaf coffee is called Mommee Coffee!

-Books: I bought or was gifted these three books and they have been so fun to have!  The cookbook is AMAZING! I have made so many things from it!

The Whole 9 Months

Pregnancy Day by Day

What to Expect When You’re Expecting


All of my childhood food favorites! Turkey sandwiches, pop tarts, chocolate milk, and sugar of any sort. Haha. Giant salads and carrot sticks were also something I always wanted.


Chinese food was really the only thing I didn’t want during my first trimester- soy sauce in particular. I also started wanting to eat more carby things in the morning- typically I’m an eggs and fruit girl.


These are just for fun, but I have only been consistent at getting a good bump photo about once a month, but you can’t even really tell there’s a bump during this first trimester! haha.  I definitely FELT like there was though!

I hope that you’re if you’re expecting this was helpful to you too! I know I wanted all the info from anyone I could get it from! haha.  In the meantime, I’ll be over here shopping for hair bows and busting out all the pink!

xoxo taylor

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