7 Tips for Bible Study while Travelling

We have been doing a TON of traveling!  And while it was SO fun to see all of our friends and family, it feels great to be getting back into our little routine here at home!  One of the things that always gets thrown off for me while travelling is my quiet time. However, I am reminded many times while on vacation how much I need the Word and my time with the Lord.  Without it, I find my annoyance level is higher, my selfishness is greater, my attitude is worse, and I am just overall not as happy and probably not as much fun to be around for others. lol.  I just need the grace and fuel that I get from God’s Word.

At my house, I typically do my quiet time first thing after my Hubs leaves for work.  I then make my coffee and head to my little spot.  Obviously, travelling can make this difficult.  I don’t have the hour or so to leisurely spend reading and studying when we have plans first thing or I slept in and want to get down to where everyone is to visit or I don’t have a book or reference material I wish that I did. It just makes it harder.  But, with all our travelling this summer, I did find a few things that helped me be more consistent with quiet times on these trips than I had been before, so I am calling that a win and wanted to share!


1.  Think about realistically about WHEN is going to be the best time for you to do this. 

Typically for me, when I’m travelling, the easiest way to get in some quiet time is at night.  My Hubs and I are alone in our room, we’ve said goodnight to everyone so I don’t feel like I’m ignoring whoever we’re with, and I’m able to open my Bible and get in at least a little time in the Word. So just think about your trip, plans, who you’ll be around, where you’re staying, etc and be realistic about when the best time for you to meet with the Lord is.

2.  Pack sparingly. 

Now, I am a heavy packer in general, so for me, if I am going to be gone for a day or two, I bring my smallest “reading” Bible and that’s it.  If I’m gone for a few days up to about a week, I typically bring my study Bible and one little notebook with me so that I can either journal, write things I’m thankful for, etc.  I have different notebooks for different things, so only bringing one is a sacrifice for me! Haha.  I also bring a little zipper pouch with a few pens and one or two highlighters.

If I’m gone for twoish weeks, I just pack what I can and make do.  Typically, the next thing I would add is one more of my notebooks and my journaling Bible because that is where I do most of my notetaking while I’m reading. So if I have room for this in a suitcase (or my Husband’s…), then I take it.  If I don’t have room, then I don’t.  But being gone for this long, typically, I TRY to get this journalling Bible into a piece of our luggage.


3.  Use the Bible App on your phone! 

I have accumulated/been gifted about six or seven Bibles recently, so in my normal quiet time at home, one of my FAVORITE things to do is to read the same passage or verse in several translations.  It’s not really practical to travel with that many Bibles though- that would take up way too many of my 50 suitcase pounds on the plane! lol.  So, when I’m traveling, like I said, I bring one study Bible ( plusmaybeeee my journaling Bible), and then I use the YouVersion app to read in other translations! It is sooo easy to use, and I love that I can still look up verses in other translations this way.

4.  Find an app to use instead of reference materials.

I have a Bible Commentary that I love and also a Bible dictionary that I use while studying.  I don’t use either or both of these every day, but if I just am NOT understanding something or there’s a cultural reference I don’t get, I love having these options to turn to.  When travelling, I use an app instead!  The Logos Bible app is my favorite for this!  Again, I love that I am still able to use reference materials while traveling without having to lug them in my suitcase.  To be honest, these two books alone probably weigh about 10 lbs….I could definitely use those pounds for shoes. lol.

5.  Take photos of your devotionals!

One of the BEST things I have been doing to prep for travel that I loved is snapping photos of the devotionals I’m reading on my iPad or phone.  Again, this way, I have them with me, but I don’t have to lug the books around. I just literally take photos of each day/ page and would read them from my phone or iPad.  I deleted them after I read them most days.  If I missed a few days of quiet time, sometimes I would just read a Psalm and catch up on these.



6.  Listen to your Bible if you can’t find time to read!

There were a few days that would pass without me even cracking open any sort of Bible  open or having a quiet time at all- I’ll be honest.  When I would realize this though, I would try to find a second or two whether it be while I was working out or getting dressed or whatever and just listen to the Word of God via the YouVerseion app.  Whether you’re on the road, waiting in an airport, or getting ready for bed, this is a GREAT way to at least get the Word in your mind and on your heart even if you can’t sit down right then and actually read a physical Bible.

7.  Give yourself grace.

God gives us grace, so give yourself a little bit of grace in this area too.  I think the most important thing is to keep Him your priority even when your norm is thrown off.  It’s going to look different than it does when you’re in your routine, but the important thing is to just make the time for Him, even while travelling!  To be honest, sometimes chatting with my family about the Bible made me feel like I had had a quiet time even if I wasn’t the one opening my Bible and reading that day.  I still felt poured into from the Word because that’s what our discussion was about.  So just find a way to get yourself some fuel from the Bible and then don’t beat yourself up about not doing it exactly how you usually do.


I know I can tell a big difference in myself when I don’t make the time for SOME sort of quiet time, especially when I’m travelling.  I’ll be honest and say I am SOOO not perfect at implementing these tips on my trips each and every day, but they have helped me to be more consistant in spending time with the Lord while travelling than I used to be, so I hope they help you out too!

xoxo taylor


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