10 Easy Ways to Make God Your Priority

“Let the words of my mouth and the medittation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my stregth and my Redeemer.” 

Psalm 19:4


“Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.”   

Colossians 3:2

According to Merriam-Webster’s, “meditation” is  “to focus one’s thoughts on; to reflect, to ponder over.”  These two verses have recently reminded me of how important it is to “meditate” or turn my mind to or remind myself of Jesus throughout my days.  To me, this is prioritizing the Lord during the ins and outs of every day.  It’s choosing to put Him first before other things.

It’s easy to focus on the Lord on Sunday morning or during a Bible study, but the crazy Monday or the Thursday that turned into nothing you thought it would? It’s a little bit harder to keep my mind “on things above” on those days… at least for me.  So, here are 10 Easy Ways to Make God Your Priority and hopefully help your heart focus a little bit more on the things above!


 1.  Read your Bible. 

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but God uses His Word to speak to us, so make sure you are taking the time to get into His Word each day, even if it’s only five minutes! Something is better than nothing!

 2.  Pray. 

Another one that is probably pretty obvious, but praying and talking to the Lord automatically turn your heart towards Him, so make this something that you incorporate into your every day as well!  And you can pray however you need to- say it out loud, think it in your mind, write it down…whatever works for you!

 3.  Memorize Scripture. 

This is one GREAT way to put the Lord at the forefront of your mind!  Thinking about His Word by memorizing it is SOOOO beyond important.  Not only is it helpful in conversations when you might not have a Bible on hand to grab and locate a Scripture, but it makes it lots easier to overcome temptation too!  Think about how much easier it would be to say no to sin if you had a scripture memorized that combatted it!  Plus when you’re working on memorizing Scripture, you literally are forced to think about it and focus on God!

 4.  Pick a task or a hobby that you don’t do until you have spent some time with the Lord. 

For me, this is working out.  I love working out, and I try to do it at least four out of the five weekdays, but I don’t let myself leave for the gym until I have spent some time with the Lord.  So pick something that you enjoy doing and committ to not doing your “thing” until you have had some quiet time.  Maybe it’s not turning on the TV when you get home or maybe it’s not eating dinner or maybe it’s not scrolling through social media- whatever it might be, just think about something that you always do that you can put off until you have spent some time with your Savior.

 5.  Listen to Christian music. 

I am not saying that you absolutely have to listen to nothing but Christian music, but this is again an easy way to put the Lord first in your selections.  Maybe you pick a time of day where you listen to only Christian music.  Or maybe you add in several Christian songs into your workout playlist.  Whatever!  Music is another easy way to turn your mind back to the Lord!  And think about how often you get songs stuck in  your head…wouldn’t it be great if said songs pointed you to the Lord?


 6.  Listen to Christian podcasts. 

Podcasts are SO fun and there are SO many great Christian podcasts out there to listen to!  Pick a time of day where you usually have the TV on in the background and turn on one of these instead!

 7.  Read Christian books.

Again, not saying that your bookshelf needs to only be Christian books, but there is SO much great Christian literature out there!  I have read AMAZING Christian fiction and non-fiction books.  You can find one on nearly any topic that you are interested in or want to dive deeper into.  Maybe you decide to read one Christian book per month before you resume with your usual readings or maybe you switch over your audiobook during your workout or drive home to a Christian book.  Just another easy way to turn your mind to Jesus!

8.  Set a time in the middle of your day to pause and spend a second with the Lord.

Say a quick prayer, read a quick devotion, work on memorizing a Bible verse, whatever.  But pick a time of day (doesn’t have to be specifically 2:30 pm each day- could be just “right after I eat lunch” or “on my drive to the gym”) to refocus your thoughts on the Lord in whatever way you need to.  Afternoons in particular can get stressful and sometimes it’s easy to slip into a bad mood. So don’t let youself- instead, take the time to refoucs your heart and mind on Jesus!

 9.  Put scripture in places where you see it all the time.

This is a great tool for scripture memorization!  But putting scripture where you see it can be as simple as decorations in your house with Bible verses on them or maybe you write out a few notecards with favorite scriptures different places where you’ll see them each day, find a calendar with a scripture on it daily, make it your computer desktop, whatever and however you will see it!  Find a few places where you will always see the Word of God though! If you click HERE, you can claim a FREE phone background AND computer background of Colossians 3:2!

 10.  Take note of the weather and find a way to thank God for it each day. 

The weather can put me into a great mood or into a horrible mood.  But the weather is something that we all deal with every day.  So make it a habit to observe God’s creation in the weather and find a way to thank Him for it!  Even if that thankfulness is “Thank you that I have this raincoat on so that I don’t get soaking wet while the plants you made are getting water.”  lol!  God’s creation is another way He reveals Himself to us, so get in a habit of seeing what He is up to every day and appreciating His handiwork!


I hope that these ideas help you to make find a thing or two that you can apply to your life to start making God your priority, meditating on His word, and focusing on the things above!

Don’t forget…


xoxo taylor


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