5 Minute Make Up Photo Tutorial

Since I’m traveling, I don’t have all my filming equipment with me, so I decided to improvise and took some photos while doing my make-up the other day!  I have listed out what I did step by step along with a photo so that you can see the progress of each step.  This really does only take me about five minutes to get through in the mornings!

One thing that I tend to do more and more in the spring and summer when I wear a little less make up is wearing a bold, bright lip with a minimal eye.  My focus is mostly on my skin and lips!  I think it makes you look very pulled together, but you don’t spend a ton of time on your eyes- which for me is the longest part of doing my make up!


Here’s what I did step by step- not the greatest lighting in the world, but the sun was all I had to work with! haha!

5min make up photo tutorial step 1

I started out with my usual skin routine and eye creme.

5min make up photo tutorial step 2

5min make up photo tutorial product step 2

I used a peachy toned concealer to cover up my dark circles, and a green concealer to cancel out any redness and blemishes.  I just used my finger to blend everything out.  It looks a little crazy in the photo, but I planned to cover them up a little more and even out the left over peachy shade in the next step.


5min make up photo tutorial step 3

5min make up photo tutorial product step 3

I used a stippling brush to apply a layer of tinted moisturizer for some light coverage and to even out my skin tone.  I used my ring finger to apply a little bit more to any areas that needed extra coverage and also to my dark circles and eyelids.


5min make up photo tutorial step 4

5min make up photo tutorial product step 4

I quickly bronzed my face around the perimeter and my under my cheekbones using a darker shade of foundation.  I tend to switch over to creme make up during the spring and summer- I just think it wears better on me during these seasons.  Then I brightened under my eyes and the center of my face with some light toned and white concealer mixed together.   I quickly dusted a light layer of powder over my face to set it in place.


5min make up photo tutorial step 5

5min make up photo tutorial product step 5

Once my skin is evened out and has some dimension to it, it’s time to add some color back!  I whipped up this mixture of creme blush with a stippling brush- I love the naturalness of the color when applied and blended out!


5min make up photo tutorial step 6

5min make up photo tutorial product step 6

The final step to my face was to add some shimmer to the very top of my cheekbones!  See the shine?!  I love this stuff!  This step is totally unnecessary, but I think it just adds some pretty!


5min make up photo tutorial step 7

5min make up photo tutorial product step 7

See what a difference adding some structure by defining your brows and some mascara does?! Holy cow!  I use an angled brush to apply this taupey-shade to my brows and curled my lashes before doing a quick coat of mascara.


5min make up photo tutorial step 8

5min make up photo tutorial product step 8

Here is the finishing touch- the lips! I think adding a bright, bold lip automatically pulls this together! It makes you look like you tried really hard to get ready, but you really didn’t!  Pinks, reds, and bright oranges are my favorite for this!

Brushes/ Products Used

Stippling Brush (used Step 3 & 5): https://amzn.to/2I8AGH6

Buffing Brush & Contour Brush (used Step 4): https://amzn.to/2G4WMnV

Angled Brush (used Step 7): https://amzn.to/2KMHVCh

Rimmel Pressed Powder (used Step 4): https://amzn.to/2rzQbN0

Loreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara (used Step 7): https://amzn.to/2IcwVMA

*If you’re interested in a SeneGence product, just send me an e-mail with what you’re curious about!*

I hope that this was helpful if you are looking for quick and easy, but pretty summer make up look!  I would love it if you would leave a comment and let me know if you liked this step-by-step photo tutorial or if you prefer videos!  Like I said, I was just improvising, but would love to know what y’all think!

xoxo taylor


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  1. Mary McBeth says:

    You are so good at this!! I need more help with using a bronzer. Before our DC Trip 😍, my hairdresser said I should use a bronzer. I didn’t even know what that was! I bought one and tried to use it, but ask Stoney- she had to undo most of it. Ha!! 💋

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