Fancy Favorites- March 2018

Happy Friday, Friends!  I’m adding a few things to this Monthly Favorites post, so I hope you like the additions and maybe find one or two things to try!

Favorite Verse this month


I have just been LOVING this verse this month!  It is so easy to get overwhelmed in this world, but this has been such a sweet reminder this March.

Random Favorites this month



My parents gifted me a Glo Pro for my birthday, and OBSESSED is an understatement ya’ll.  I read a ton of reviews before I asked for it because it is a tad pricey (~$200), but in my opinion, it is 100% worth it!  Basically, it is a micro-needling tool that you can use at home that helps your skin reproduce quicker!  It is also said to help your skin soak in your night cremes and serums better!

I have been using it about twice a week now for a month and can TOTALLY tell a difference!  I am all about being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to skin care, so I LOVE this thing!  Some of the reviews said that it really hurt to use this (it is tiny needles pricking your skin), but I don’t think it hurts at all.  I mean is it the most relaxing thing ever?  Maybe not, but “hurt” isn’t the word I would use at all. “Slightly uncomfortable” is what I would use to describe the feeling if that.

Here’s the link to the one that I have if you want to read about it more!



I found these cookies at Trader Joe’s a while back, and I can’t stop eating them!   I have the WORST sweet tooth, so I have been loving these! They are the perfect quick sweet treat when you want just a bite of something sweet!  All that’s in them is fruit and nuts, and they’re under 100 calories! These are the two different kinds I have been loving- I saw there is an apricot one that I want to try too! They are so yummy if you need a quick sweet bite!


My sweet in-laws got me these Sigma make up brushes, and holy cow, have I found some new favorite brushes!  This is the “Essential Brush Kit- Make Me Classy”.  I have been LOVING the F70 brush for my concealer, the F50 for a light, every-day layer of foundation, the F60 for a heavier foundation application, the E30 for my inner-corner and browbone highlight, and the F40 for my bronzer, and the E5 for my liner! The quality of these brushes is AMAZING- they are so soft and blend everything so well!  I alos loved the packaging and the brushes came in this awesome travel case!


I have been loving these two essential oil combos in my diffuser for spring! I do use the oils to clean, for yummy smells, and a few other things around the house!  I’m no expert, but would ya’ll want a post on how I use my oils? I feel like I have lots of friends who have them, but lots of them ask how I use them because they don’t really know how to use theirs?  Let me know- I love using them!



Ya’ll.  This is my new favorite Mascara Combo…EVER!!! This probably seems excessive, but I love all these mascaras for different reasons, and my favorite look has been when I combine all of them!  I love starting with the SeneGence UnderSense lash primer- it isn’t too cakey or wet and does a nice job lifting and separating.   The next one I apply is the Too Faced Better than Sex.  I LOVE how this one volumizes my lashes!! Next, I apply Benefit Bad gal BANG! This adds SO MUCH length, separation, and blackness to my lashes! The formula is fairly wet on it’s own though so it’s not my favorite by itself.  The last mascara I apply is SeneGence’s LashSense in black.  This one is my favorite waterproof mascara, and I feel like when I apply a thin coat over the other two, it does a GREAT job sealing it all it.  I notice that when I do this last coat, I don’t get the little flakeys under my eyes.

Now, I don’t apply four coats of mascara every single day, but I apply about that much anyways even if I am only using one kind. lol.  So I can still do all of these fairly quickly and I do bust it out about three or four times a week!

Currently Reading

I just started The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian* and am LOVING it!  Basically, it is 30 prayers to pray for your husband! I am about five or six days in and am really enjoying how quick and easy the chapters are to read and pray through!

Your Favorites

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That’s it for this month!  What’s something that you’re loving lately?  Recommendations from friends are my favorite!  I hope you have all had a great weekend and have a blessed Easter tomorrow!

xoxo taylor

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