How To Pick the Best Make-Up for Your Skin Tone

Picking out make up can be a challenge- there are just SO. MANY. OPTIONS!!!  It can definitely be overwhelming especially if you have no idea where to start!

The first thing to know is that there is a first step- it’s knowing the undertones of your skin.  You are either a cool, a warm, or a neutral.  But how do you know which you are?  Well, I’ve done a TON of research, used my own personal experience, and now I’m here to help you!

To determine your skin tone, there are a few easy tests- I figured out mine using these, so I’m going to share those with you!

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 1.  What color are your veins?  If your veins are green, you’re a warm.   If your veins are blue, you’re a cool.  If you have bluish/greenish veins or you can’t really tell, you’re probably a neutral.

2.  What color jewelry looks the best against your skin tone?  Without just choosing which one you like better personally, hold up a piece of gold jewelry and silver jewelry against your skin.  If gold enhances your skin, you’re a warm.  Silver means you’re a cool.  And again if they both look great, then luck you, you’re a neutral!

Now that you have a pretty good idea whether you’re a warm or a cool, here are a few more extra tests for you to check your decision so far!

3. What color are your eyes?  People with warm tones generally have green, brown, or hazel eyes.  Cooler toned girls tend to have blue or grey eyes. Hair colors can vary, but normally the cooler toned girls tend to have ashier tones in whatever color hair they have.

4.  What colors do you gravitate towards because they look the best on you? Warm girls tend to love wearing earthy tones and cool girls tend to lean more towards choosing jewel tones.  Both skin tones can wear any color, but there are generally undertones in clothing too, so determining which undertones the majority of your clothes are can also help you figure out if you have identified your skin tone!

So now the question is….what make up purchases should knowing your skin tone affect?

In my opinion, the most important make up to truly match your skin tone to is your foundation/concealers.  This is important so that you don’t have the “mask” effect after you get your foundation/concealers on.  You want your foundation to match your skin tone, and now you have the knowledge to pick one that has the correct undertones for your skin too! Wahoo!!!  Not only will it match, but it will complement your skin for a flawless face!

Things like eye-shadows and lip colors can be fun to play with though!  In my opinion, you don’t absolutely have to stick with eyeshadow or lip colors that match your skin tone!  In fact, wearing the opposite toned make up colors in these departments can actually make your features stand out more because of the contrast!  For example, I love using copper eye-shadow because my eyes are blue.  Since orange is the opposite color on a color wheel, it really makes them pop!  Warm toned girls can make their eyes really pop/stand out with a cool toned eye-shadow or liner in a color like blue or purple!

I hope this was helpful/fun to figure out for you!  I know that lots of times I just couldn’t put my finger on why my make up wasn’t looking right, but now that I know my skin tone, it is much easier to pick out the best shades for me!

What’s your favorite way to determine what make up shades to buy?!

xoxo taylor

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