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Studying the Bible can be intimidating.  No doubt about that.  If you are just struggling to get started, then I actually recommend picking one or two of these resources, finding a Bible reading plan (click HERE to download my 15 day reading plan about God’s love for you!), and then just trying to commit to reading every day.  I did this in 2017 by reading through the Bible in a year.  Once I accomplished that, this year, my goal is to STUDY the Bible and figure out what it says for myself, and these resources have been so helpful to do that!

I used lots of these resources last year too though, just not quite as intensely as I do now!  Here are my current faves!



For those of you who are hold-it-in-your-hands kind of girls, here are my favorite books to use during Bible study! I don’t use all of them every single day, but since I’m trying to dive into actually STUDYING the Bible more this year, I am definitely reaching for them more than I used to be!

Study Bible- One thing that has helped me do that this year is my new Study Bible! I  had a study Bible before this one, but it was a student version, and I was just needing something geared for adults at this point.  My favorite thing about having a study Bible has been having quick access to the actual meaning of the words in Scripture as well as cross references to other parts of Scripture!

The study Bible I use now is the Spirit Filled Life Bible (you can read more about why I love it HERE), and I have also heard great things about the Life Application Study Bible! This is the Bible that I had the student version of.  It really was great for being a student Bible, and I know lots of people who love it!

Moody Bible Commentary- I’ll be honest- I mostly picked this commentary about three years ago because it was the entire Bible and has a really pretty white cover! And then I hardly even cracked it open for about two of those years….ha! But, I have loved using it recently to answer questions I have while reading and to dive deeper into details that I don’t have a concept of.  This one has been easy to read and follow, so I’m happy about that! Now I’m wanting to collect all of the commentaries! ha!

102 Fascinating Bible Studies- This little book has been really helpful when I am wanting to find scriptures about a particular topic.  It also has questions to go with each reference which I love.  If I can’t find the exact topic or word I’m looking for in the table of contents, there is normally a topic that is closely related that I’m able to use.

Bible Dictionary- I found my Bible dictionary at a used bookstore for $8, and I LOVE using it!  Just today, there was something in my reading about “showbread”.  I wasn’t sure what it was, looked it up, and got a MUCH clearer picture of the scripture.  I also looked up “Sabbath” today to help me get some context and clarity in my reading.  I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a Bible dictionary, and then actually using it!  I also look up places on the reg while reading, and that is also really helpful!

Celebration Hymnal- I love having a hymnal near when I’m studying.  Lots of times, I remember a hymn I know when reading, and I love being able to read the lyrics right then and there.  I feel like it really brings a new meaning to both the song and the scripture for me when I do this!

Dictionary- A dictionary is something that I use regularly too to bring more depth and understanding to my study.  I am especially inclined to look something up if a word is repeated, if I think it’s an interesting word choice in the sentence, etc.  Lots of times, I just reach for my phone if it’s nearby and just use google!



If you’re an techy person, here are a Bible apps  that I love! I use most of them while I’m travelling- I’m just a hard copy girl for the most part, so I don’t pull them up a whole lot unless I don’t have all my books with me!

Logos Bible app- My favorite thing about this one is that you have access to  lots of commentaries! I use it alot when I’m traveling and want a little more info, but don’t have my big giant books with me!

Holy Bible app- I have had this app on my phone for YEARS!  Currently, I am loving using this app to cross reference because there are so many different translations all in one place! Again, I use this one the most when I’m traveling!

She Reads Truth app-  This is the app I used to read through the Bible in a year! I didn’t read straight from the app (but you can if you want to!), but I liked having a spot where I could check each day off when I was done as well as a plan, and I found that the easiest place for me to do that was my phone.

Ultimately, studying the Scriptures should be just that…actually reading the Scriptures instead of reading ABOUT them.  These resources have all helped me to do that this year, so I hope they help them too!

Do you have a favorite resource to use in your own Bible Study?! I would love to know- leave  me a comment if you don’t mind!

xoxo taylor



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