My Friend’s FAQ’s about my Whole 30

I just finished doing the Whole 30 a few weeks ago!  My friends asked me SO many questions about it, so I wanted to share the ones I got asked the MOST often!

I am planning to do a post later on with some of my favorite snack items I found and easy breakfasts and lunches that I made and have kept making during and since the Whole 30 that are compliant, so I wanted to address more specific questions in this post!

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  1.  Did you like it? YES! I LOVED it! I will SO be doing it again!
  2. Why did you do it?  Honestly, after all the holiday feasting, I could just tell that my stomach was a little off.  I have Crohn’s disease (praise the Lord it has been in remission for about nine years now!), so if I start feeling wonky, I just like to do a little reset for myself.
  3. Were you hungry?  Occasionally…but when I was hungry, if I thought about what I had eaten that day, it wasn’t a whole lot.  When I ate larger meals, I typically didn’t get hungry throughout the day.
  4. What do you have to cut out? Basically anything that is processed in any way.
  5. Can you eat out? Absolutely! It does take a tad more planning than normal, but most restaurants have a veggie and protein option, so from there it’s just asking for everything dry without sauces or dressings, etc.  I got used to eating things without dressings, so by the end, this was no big deal for me.  If we went out to eat, I just ordered either a salad with compliant ingridients (no raisins, dressings, cheese, etc) or some sort of grilled protein with steamed veggies for sides.
  6. What do you do at social events?  Well, to be honest, I brought my own food to several things.  I also ate a meal before hand several times and then just ate fruit or nuts or compliant foods that were served once I arrived at the event.  But all in all, I went on two trips and like five different events while I was doing the Whole 30, so it can definitely be done!  My thought was there’s never going to be a time when I have NOTHING going on, so I just wanted to knock it out!  It does take a little more planning, but it can be done for sure!  The key for me was either bringing my own food or filling up right before I got there so that I didn’t arrive starving and then have to wait until the event was over to eat.
  7. How did you live without cheese?  All my friends love cheese and so do I! lol.  This was actually one of the hardest things at first.  Once I was a week or so in, I didn’t really even miss cheese.  Since finishing the Whole 30, I have quit using cheese as a topping…now I have just been enjoying cheese slices or cubes with a glass of wine every now and then!  There are also different things you can sub to make sauces “creamy” and cheesy-seeming so I did that a few times if I was wanting to make a dinner for both my hubby and I that is usually cheesy.
  8. Did your husband do it too?  No.  haha.  And really, I didn’t mind him not doing it because I just ate what I could and fed him something similar.  If I made him mashed potatoes, I had a baked potato with ghee and spices or cauliflower rice.  If he was having tortilla chips, I made myself fried plantains.  Really, I just planned our dinners so that it would be easy to feed him and I the same main dish (that was Whole 30 compliant), and I subbed out my sides to be compliant with Whole 30.  I did bake him cookies and watch him eat them once though…that was rough, I’ll admit. lol.
  9. Was it hard and did you ever feel like you were going to go crazy?  Yes and no.  Honestly, the first two weeks were the hardest for me.  The first week was like a learning curve, but I was so excited about it that it didn’t really bother me.  Then the second week was when I was like “why am I doing this to myself?” haha.  But after that, I had done it for enough time that I didn’t want to mess up! So the last two weeks were fairly easy, especially because I had sort of hit my stride and was enjoying it and noticing that I was feeling better and clothes were starting to fit differently.
  10. Do you feel better?  YES!!!
  11. Did you lose weight?  Yes, but really I just did The Whole 30 to feel better.  But I did lose some weight, and I noticed lots of my clothes fitting better so that was just a bonus for me!
  12. Are you still eating like that?  Yes and no.  I am still reading labels for added sugar, I am still paying attention to how I feel when I am eating foods now that I wasn’tduring Whole 30, and I still eat basically like I’m on the Whole 30 during the week days, ESPECIALLY when I’m eating meals at home.  But on the weekends, I am just trying to make the healthiest choice that I can and indulging in little things here and there!


If you are thinking about doing the Whole 30 or even just trying to eat a little bit better, I hope this post encourages you!  More than anything, I’m thankful to be feeling less sluggish and more energetic!

Have you done the Whole 30?!  What got you through it?!  Are you wanting to try it?! Let me know!

xoxo taylor


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