9 Things to Love about your Military Boy

Starting something new today…welcome to Military Monday!  Not sure how often these are going to pop up, but since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a fun time to kick it off in this way!

I didn’t even hardly know anyone in the military before I met my husband.  A military boy is THE LAST type of boy I thought I would marry.  The moving, the being gone, the insane things that some of them do every day at their jobs- it just all seemed like something I would just say “ehh, no thanks to.”

Well, I fell fast and hard for my military boy and now there are SO many things that I notice about him and his friends that I just think are incredible.  So here are nine things that I love about my military boy!  I bet if you looked at this list, yours is at least several of these things too in some way or another- and if your boy isn’t in the military, he is probably lots of these things too…they just might manifest themselves a little bit differently in his life!

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9 Things to Love About Your Military Boy

  1.  He’s Selfless.  Anyone who is willing to literally go wherever they are sent, be away from their family, and risk their life for their country…that’s someone who is pretty special and pretty selfless in my opinion.
  2. He’s Fun. I just always have so much fun at all my hub’s work events!  The people I have met so far have been so genuinely friendly, sweet, and kind and don’t take themselves too seriously so I just so enjoy being around his military/work friends!
  3. He’s Responsible.  I think this is kind of a no-brainer, but to be in the military, your boy must be at least a little responsible. After all, they have to at least be timely and wearing the proper uniform every day.  lol.
  4. He’s driven.  From my  point of view, it seems like there is always a “next step” or requirement when you’re in the military.  And sometimes, not meeting the requirement isn’t an option.  So, I love watching my husband work hard to acheive his goals or to meet standards and not resting until he does.
  5. He’s holds himself to high standards.  From living with my husband and a few stories I have heard from friends, it seems like lots of military boys are their own worst criticts because they hold themselves to such high standards.  Which to me isn’t all bad all the time.  It means that they are striving to be the best they can be.
  6. He’s Flexible.   I love that my hubs and his friends can have fun and enjoy whatever, whenever, wherever because lots of times, they have no other choice than to make the best of maybe not-so-ideal situations or circumstances.  I have never seen it stop them from having a fun time though! ha!
  7. He has a servant’s heart.  I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, but it takes a special person to serve in any capacity, not just the military.  And I think that it’s one of the main ways that you can see Jesus in you military man because Jesus came to this earth to serve as well.
  8. He loves his country.  My husband LOVES the USA.  You can literally ask any person he has met for like five minutes.  And I remember how refreshing that was when I met him- you don’t run into too many young guys who are so outspoken about their patriotism anymore, and I love that about my boy!
  9. He looks handsome in all his uniforms! I about fainted the first time I saw my then-boyfriend in his uniform going to work.  And I’ll never get tired of watching him leave for the day in it.  And I also LOVE when he has to wear his other more formal uniforms.  #allofthehearteyes  There’s something about a man in uniform, y’all!

What do you love about your military boy?!  I would love to hear!!!

xoxo taylor

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4 thoughts on “9 Things to Love about your Military Boy

  1. Hannah says:

    I love everything about this post! Kyle’s patriotism lol and I also almost fainted when I saw Zach in his flightsuit! Love this post!! ❤️

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