To the Single Girl- 9 Ideas for your Valentine’s Day

I didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 23 (more to come on this in later posts!).  So single girls, I have been in your shoes FO SHO!! lol.  I know that Valentine’s Day is one of the days where singleness likes to really flaunt its hold over you.  This sounds really pathetic, but I can remember many Valentine’s Days where I would sit in my bedroom- alone- and just cry.  So if that’s you, I’ve been there too.  Cry it out.  It’s okay.  It’s sometimes a rough place to be.

But, after I cried all my tears, the one thing that always helped me to feel better was reading God’s Word.  Cliche maybe.  But I chose to read about God’s plan for me, His promises for my life, and TRIED to focus on that instead of my loneliness.  And it did help.  I survived 23 Valentine’s Days alone- probably the last 5 or 6 were the hardest and stung the most though.  Some years were definitely harder than others for me.  But I tried to make them INTENTIONAL and HAPPY despite maybe being a little sad about my single state.

So, if you’re single this year and dreading Valentine’s Day, then here are a few ideas for you!  I did many of these for many years (I never really felt like going anywhere unless I did have an event or something to be at) and they do help!





 1.  Pamper yourself and have an at-home spa night- Take a bath, paint your toenails, do a face mask, whatever you like doing!  Maybe you don’t have a date to get ready for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend some extra time making yourself look good and feel good!


2.  Make a list of all the things you’re grateful for- I learned in a Bible study that thankfulness leads to peace.  I bet if you list out the million great things about your life, not having a boy taking you out tonight might start to seem a little less like a big deal.  I guarantee you can make a list of at LEAST 25 things you’re grateful if you just sit down and put your mind to it.

3.  Journal/ Set Goals- Make a list of things you want to do before you get married or start seriously dating! Places you want to see, things you want to accomplish, relationships you want to build or restore with family/friends, character qualities you want to develop…the possibilities here are endless! There are SO many things that I’m glad I did/worked on before I met my hubby! And we only dated for a not quite six months and were only engaged for four- so you never know how much time you have to do these things once you get into a relationship!  Be intentional and productive with the time that you have right now with your life exactly the way it is!


4.  Read Proverbs 31 and evaluate yourself-  Proverbs 31 is where “The Wife of Noble Character”/ “The Virtuous Woman” is talked about.  So take a little looksy and find things that you think you already do well and a few things you could improve on before you meet your hubby.  Start thinking NOW about the kind of woman and wife you want to be.  Figure out ways you can start to be more like her- you DEFINITELY don’t have to be a wife, fiance, or girlfriend to be a Proverbs 31 woman anyways!

5.  Watch a clean, happy-ending movie-  Proceed with caution here and be determined that doing this won’t make you sadder or wallow.  lol.  But watch your favorite romantic movie! I liked to pick one that was clearly not real life just to provide a little bit of a disconnect.  Something like The Princess Bride where there are fairy tale characters is fun! There ARE plenty of great guys out there for you, and I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with watching a love story if you’re waiting for yours! Granted, real life isn’t always exactly a fairy tale, but it can get pretty close. 🙂

6.  Cook a yummy dinner-  Trust me, knowing how to cook does come in handy.  I was/am a total flop in the kitchen because all I ever made for myself was chicken and vegetables (lol).  So pick out a fun recipe that’s maybe a little more elaborate than your usual weeknight dinner and practice cooking!  This is another fun way to treat yourself tonight- few things can make me happier than yummy food! ha! And you know what, treat yourself to more dessert than usual today too!


7.  Have your girlfriends over- I am betting that you probably have at least one friend who isn’t going on a date tonight.  Have her or lots of your friends over and have fun together! Play games, watch movies, have a spa night, cook a meal together- celebrate your girlfriends and invest in your friendships!  Being single is the BEST time to develop your friendships with your girlfriends- that is one thing that I really focused on while I wasn’t dating, and I’m SO glad that I did.  There’s just nothing like your best gal pals!

8.  Read your Bible-  I am being 100% honest when I say that this is the BEST thing that I ever did for myself on my lonely Valentine’s Days.  The Lord just knew how to comfort and cradle my little lonely heart.  I would read about my favorite women in the Bible (Esther, Mary, and Ruth are a few favorites), and I would also use the concordance (or internet…) to find passages about God’s perfect plan and timing and His unfailing love for me.  Looking back on doing this, lonely Valentine’s Days were some of my sweetest days with Jesus.  And what could be better than that anyways?!

9.  Do any combo of these activities!  I think the best thing you can do for yourself if you are lonely on Valentine’s Day is to make the evening as special and as purposeful as you can!  None of these ideas will take you ALL night so if you’re home from work or class at 5 or 6 in the evening, pick one of these ideas to start with and see where your night takes you!


The best thing you can remember on Valentine’s Day is that YOU ARE SO LOVED and you are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Jesus LOVED you SO much that He was willing to die for you.  So don’t let today get you down!  A man doesn’t complete you anyways.  Only Jesus does.  So don’t be fooled into thinking that if you were on a date tonight that you would be 100% content, satisfied, and fulfilled.  You won’t because only Jesus can do that for your heart- it’s unfair to boys to think they can do that.  Talk about pressure… haha.

There is SO much opportunity in being single, so take today to give your heart just a second to be sad if you need to, but then give it a LONG TIME to be happy and celebrate all that is good in your life!

Here’s hoping you have a sweet, sweet Valentine’s Day!

xoxo taylor

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