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Isn’t deciding what to have for dinner the hardest thing ever? lol.  I love seeing what other people eat/meal plan, and I’ve had a few of y’all ask about what I do, so here it is!

We do eat at home alot- probably at least five days a week.  I have fun mixing up different types of food and finding recipes I like to cook! Here is a basic outline for some ideas of sort of what I go by and then also a few of my favorite recipes that are hubs approved!

Our breakfasts and lunches are basically the same every day.  I usually either make eggs with kale or a smoothie.  Sometimes I’ll make a batch of veggie egg muffins at the beginning of the week and heat them up.  For lunch, I normally make myself either a big skillet with a meat and mixed veggies, a big pot of soup, or a big salad at the beginning of the week and eat on it for at least a few days.  This way I have something to eat for lunch that is quick, easy, and not a huge mess if we don’t have two servings of leftovers. Hubs eats a bagel for breakfast and leftovers for lunch.

Here is two weeks worth of dinner menu ideas- we eat fairly similarly to this!

dinner menu ideas

Week 1 Recipe Ideas

  • Italian: Spaghetti, Chicken Parmesan, Spicy Chicken Pasta

  • Taco Tuesday: Carnitas Street Tacos, Ground Beef Tacos, Fajita Chicken or Steak Tacos

  • Soup/Salad: Potato Soup, Zouppa Tuscano, Chili/ Shrimp, Chicken, Steak, Salmon Salad

  • Skillet Dinner: Throw your favorite veggies and protein into a skillet and voila!

  • Seafood: Salmon, Scallops, Talapia Grilled or Baked

  • Pizza: Make your own at home for a date night in or order out!


Week 2 Recipe Ideas

  • Mexican: Enchiladas, Stuffed Peppers, Nachos

  • One Pot Meal: Roast, Crock Pot Meals, Chili

  • Chicken Dinner: Champagne Chicken, Mushroom Garlic Chicken

  • Asian: Beef Broccli, Stir Fry

  • Sheet Pan Dinner: Bake your favorite veggies and protein with some potatoes!

  • Grill Night: Burgers, Kabobs, Steak


I hope this is helpful for y’all!  What are some of your favorite recipes?! What do you love to make?!

xoxo taylor

If you want some healthy side dish swaps that you can make if your hubby is eating not so healthy, then check this post out!

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