DIY All-Season Wreath

diy all season wwreath

I think one of the EASIEST ways to liven up your home for any season is with a cute, festive wreath on your porch!  However, when I decided that we needed one and started looking at prices on those bad boys, I was shocked at how expensive they can get! Even on sale, some of them were like $75!  No thanks.  lol.  If you need a quick face lift for your porch before Christmas comes or you have company over, this is SO quick, cheap, and easy!

I had seen a ton of DIY wreath pins on Pinterest, but I’m not really a follow-a-tutorial-exactly kind of girl. lol.  So I picked a photo I liked, gathered some (not all) of what the post said I would need (haha), figured out what I liked about several photos, and got to creating my own wreath! I knew I wanted something that I could use during any season, so I was going for simple, festive, and easy to tear apart and put back together!

I love how it turned out! I think buying the first batch of flowers and all the supplies, my total was about $35.  That was for the fall version.  Then I updated the wreath for Christmas and paid about $15 for the pretty Christmas flowers.  Win!


I saved my fall flowers and am planning to save my Christmas flowers as well- that way next year, all I have to do is pop them back on!

Another great thing about this project is that it didn’t take long at all.  I turned on a movie both times and was done completely by the end of it.  The Christmas version probably took me about 40 minutes total.

All you need in addition to your seasonal flowers is a pair of floral wire cutters, floral tape, some greenery, and a wreath ring.  I linked all these supples for you at the bottom of the post!  I went with the medium ring (12″) and lamb’s ear for the greenery.  I liked the texture of the lamb’s ear and figured that the other flowers I was purchasing provided me with enough additonal green-leafy things to fill in and mix it up.  I picked a statement-ish piece for both seasons and some seasonal fillers.  For the Fall Wreath, I had the little sparkly pumpkins with blue peonies and for Christmas I found these pretty pointsettias and used white roses to fill in the rest of the wreath.


Once you have your supplies, grab yourself something fun to drink, turn on a great movie and have yourself a fancy little afternoon/evening sprucing up your porch!


Here is the EASIEST DIY TUTORIAL EVER! haha.  I’m not sure if I did it exactly like you should (probably not-lol), but it is not falling apart and looks cute so I’m happy! haha.


  1.  Gather supplies.
  2. Start by filling in your wreath about 3/4-2/3 of the way full with greenery.  I did this by pulling apart the greenery into small pieces, sticking them where I liked them, then flipping the wreath over and securing with a small piece of floral tape.  You can see the craziness of the back of the wreath in this photo! IMG_7209
  3. Add your “statement pieces” to your wreath.  At least decide where you want them to go even if you don’t tape them on right away.  I set up the wreath a few different ways before taping to see what I really liked. Once your happy with your desgin, start taping in the order that makes it easiest for you!  For Fall, I actually taped on the little pumpkins last after I decided where I wanted them, but for Christmas the poinsettias were so big that they needed to be secured on the wreath first.  So just go in the order that makes the most sense after you pick a design!
  4. Fill in the remaing 1/4-1/3 of the wreath with your seasonal flowers.
  5. Hang up and enjoy! SO EASY!!!
  6. To recreate for a new season, just flip the wreath over, cut off the tape of your seasonal flowers, and replace! Again, SO EASY!!! haha

Links to Supplies*

12″ Wreath Ring

Floral Tape

Floral Wire Cutters

Lamb’s Ear Greenery

xoxo taylor


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