Healthier {Husband or Holiday} Side-Dish Food Swaps

People used to always ask us what the hardest thing about to adjusting to married life was.  My answer was always “FOOD!”  It sounds weird, but feeding a twenty-something  year old man takes alot more effort and more food than I thought it would!  haha.

When I lived by myself, I pretty much ate the same meals each week.  I basically lived off chicken breasts or salmon filets and vegetables.  I hardly ever ate sweets or bread because I just didn’t let myself buy them and keep them in my apartment.  Fast forward to married life- I have a meat-and-potatoes loving husband I am trying to make meals for! I am not a great cook either.  I enjoy it, but it’s not like my specialty by any means. So trying new meals was really fun for me, but lots of them were either super fattening or carb heavy. Or just unhealthy in general.

I quickly realized that if I ate the way my hubs did, I was going to pack on the pounds.  I started making little easy healthy subs for myself where we could eat basically the same thing, but I fixed one item that made the meal a little healtheir for me.  I also try really hard to eat healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, so if dinner is a little bit more unhealthy, I try not to sweat it.

So here are my easy side-dish food swaps that I do for myself pretty regularly.  We normally eat a main dish of some sort, a vegetable, and one more side dish.  Lots of times, when I plate the food, I just load up my plate with the veggies and don’t even eat the side dish that I fixed, but if I am wanting something extra, these swaps only require one additional dish to wash (because I think dishes are the bain of every girls’ existance lolol) and lots of them can just be microwaved.  I’m not saying that I NEVER eat the less healthy side dish because I love me some mashed potatoes and garlic bread and all of the carbs. haha.  But, I try not to load up on these every single day.

I  am also REALLY trying to stick to these with the holidays coming up since I want to be able to indulge and enjoy when Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years are coming up! Basically, I am trying to watch it now so that I can eat whatever I want during those times. hahaha.

I hope these ideas are helpful for ya’ll!  I listed out how I prepare these quickly and with minimal additional dishes below the graphic!

he eats i eat graphic

Here is how I quickly fix my sides with just one extra dish!

  • Zoodles:  I buy the pre-packaged kind and saute them in some olive oil with garlic, salt, and pepper while Hub’s spaghetti noodles boil. I am honestly getting to where I prefer spaghetti this way I have done it so much. lol.
  • Cauliflower Rice: I buy the pre-riced (not sure what that kind is called?-lol) kind and saute in olive oil with garlic, salt, and pepper. This is GREAT with any sort of sauce over it and literally doesn’t make me feel deprived at all!
  • Sweet Potato Fries: I chop however I want to- normally I just chop the potato as is so they end up looking like circles.  I coat in olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast at about 400 degrees for 30ish minutes. If I have fresh herbs on hand, I’ll throw some on there, but I don’t freak out if I don’t have any.  My favorite are Rosemary, Thyme, and I also like to sprinkle Herbs de Provence occasionally! I just check them and when they are at the crispiness I like, I pull them out. These are also yummy with an egg on top in the morning if I have left overs!
  • Baked Potato: I microwave this bad boy.  Coat in olive oil, salt, and pepper and microwave on a plate for about 5-9 minutes or until soft.  I also poke it with a fork a few times before hand!  I love to top this with ghee and some sort of fancier spice like Herbs de Provence or Thyme or Rosemary or something.  Sometimes I’ll combine the ghee and herbs and melt it together and pour over the potato. Yum!
  • Cherry Tomatoes: I just eat these raw most of the time! Sometimes if we are having something warm (like a panini or something), I’ll cut them in half and satue them as well.  Just depends on my mood!

I hope these little ideas are helpful for y’all- whether you are just trying to watch it a little over the holidays or you have a hungry husband at home too!  Most of the time, I actually like these side dishes more than what I fix my Hubs anyways.  They just feel a little fancier to me! 😉

xoxo taylor

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