5 Books for Young Wives- or any wife!

Is anyone else as crazy as me and just LOVE that feeling when you can confindently walk into a new section of the bookstore and pick out a book?!  lol.  I have always loved to read, but one of my FAVORITE feelings is being able to meander on over to a new spot in the store and pick out a book because I have “graduated” to that phase of life.  I felt like the coolest thing in the world when I walked over to the marriage section after I got engaged.  And I have read some GREAT books since then that have really helped me learn things about husbands in general and my sweet hubs specifically!  Obviously, the Bible is the best source for marriage advice, but here are my 5 favorite books not written by the Creator of marriage so far and a few that I have on my list to read next!


  1.  Letters to My Daughters: the Art of Being a Wife:* My mom bought me this book and gave it to me on my wedding day.  After I sobbed my eyes out reading the sweet note she wrote me in it with my new last name, I started glancing through it.  It is the MOST BEAUTIFUL book I have ever seen! There are so many lovely illustrations to accompany sweet words of wisdom/advice from a Mom to her daughters/daughters-in-law.  It was great to read right after getting married because it addresses lots of questions that new brides have about how to deal with a new husband.  Tough questions too like what to do when you feel your husband isn’t leading you spiritually, etc.  Overall, I couldn’t have picked a better book to read right after becoming a wife, and it was a fun honeymoon read too!
  2. A Severe Mercy:*  I can’t say alot about this one without spoiling it because it is an autobiography.  It really explores the author’s relationship with the Lord as well as his wife.  The love story is just precious, but it is a heavy read.  I took away a new perspective on both my relationship with my Hubs and with the Lord.  I also learned alot about how the two can and should work, both together and separately.
  3. The Heart of Marriage:*  I would describe this as the perfect “beach read” in marriage form!  It is a collection of short stories/essays from a variety of authors.  I found it so interesting to read the stories of so many different women of what they thought to be the sweetest memory, most important lesson, or piece of advice that they had!
  4. Fascinating Womanhood: How the Ideal Woman Awakes a Man’s Deepest Love & Tenderness:* I heard this book mentioned on a podcast once and looked it up afterwards.  Let me tell you, I LOVE it!!!  I feel like the little tagline sums it up PERFECTLY.  I am still in the middle of this one, but I can say from what I’ve read that you won’t finish it without learning something about how to better your relationship with your man! This book is a little older, but I love the language it uses and the idyllic concepts about women that it discusses. I’m telling you, you won’t be disppointed!!
  5. The Five Love Languages:*  I had heard about this book a long time ago before I had ever even met my husband.  People told me your love language was just a great thing to know about yourself.  However, I am glad that I read it right after we got married.  I’m not saying you need to save it for that time in your life, but I am saying that it was VERY beneficial for me to read as a literal newlywed.  My hubs and I have different primary love languages.  So for me, learning how to love him in ways that he best receives it was SO good to know right off the bat.  In the past year, I have really tried to put into practice things that this book talked about and implement some of the easy ways to love in my husband’s love language that it shared!

So this is my list of books that I read within the past year that have had to do with marriage, and I highly recommend all of them! Even if you are not married, they are great resources to prepare your heart for that season of your life. My recommendations for you would be the Five Love Languages and A Severe Mercy because they are not quite as specific about the relationship between a man and wife.

Here are a few more books that I want to read on marriage until I can waltz into the motherhood section in Barnes and Noble! lol!!!

  1.  The Power of a Praying Wife*
  2. Sacred Marriage*
  3. The Meaning of Marriage*

I hope that these are helpful if you are in the market for a great book or needing a gift idea!


xoxo taylor

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