Questions to Ask to Love On Your Husband

I literally thought I was dreaming the first time my husband walked through our door with random flowers.  ESP because I LOVE him in his uniform, so his coming through the door with flowers in hand had me like double swooning if that’s a thing.  lol.

While I am certain that he loves me with all of his sweet heart, I do appreciate it when he loves ON me too by doing sweet, thoughtful, extra things for me.

So here are some quick, easy, quirky ways that I like to love on him that I thought I would share!  I phrased them all in questions so you can either answer them yourself or ask you husband! I asked mine on several of these!



  1. How can you help him in his morning routine?  Now I’m definitely a scrambler myself, so if we have to get out the door at the same time, this requires some planning, but most people appreciate a little help in the morning!  How can you help your husband?  Iron his clothes for him? Pack his lunch? Get a cup of coffee ready? Lay out his toiletries for him?  Find his shoes?  Just think of one little thing or ask if there is something specific that you can do to help him!
  2. What is his favorite way to be loved on?  I am talking hugs, back scratches, a quick massage, back rubs, etc.  When we got married, I TOTALLY had what I thought my husband liked completely wrong in this area.  When it finally clicked with me that he was always asking me to do one thing instead of the other, I asked if that was his preference.  Obviously, he said yes and had been too sweet to tell me before!  So just ask what your husbands favorite way to be loved on is, and then you can love on him in his favorite way whenever you want to!
  3. What compliment makes him light up?  Compliments are always nice to hear!  I notice a difference in my husband’s response to me when I say certain things to him.  What makes your husband light up?  Telling him he’s handsome? That he has big muscles? That you appreciate all he does to provide for you?  That you’re proud of him?  Just watch his face…men love when their ladies tell them how great they are, so let him know and pay attention to what seems to make him the happiest!
  4. What are his ladies fashion preferences (ha!)?  Start asking your husband what he likes when you get dressed! I love to get dressed and let Hubs pick either my earrings or shoes or lipstick color or any little thing.  It makes me feel happy in the moment because I know he likes whatever the item is that he picked out, but it also helps me to pick out things that I think he will like when I’m shopping or getting ready when he’s not around.  Men are visual, and your hubs obviously thinks you’re gorgeous, but it’s fun and nice to know when he really likes your outfit, makeup, whatever!  Plus, then he knows you’re trying to impress him too! 🙂
  5. How does he like his water?  This one is SO random, but everyone likes their water different…I prefer a giant Yeti/cup with ice and a straw and my husband would choose a cold plastic water bottle over that any day.  So when we got married, there were about…oh probably a million times if I’m being honest that he would come home, open the refrigerator for one and there wouldn’t be any because I either hadn’t bought water bottles or hadn’t put any in there.  Woopsies! He was always so sweet about it, but since he likes his cold water bottles, I figured, why would I not try to make that happen for him? So now, I always try to have cold water bottles to send with him in the morning on his way to work and when he gets home!  Simple, but I know he appreciates it, and I bet your hubs would too!

These are all just a few small ways that I have tried to make a conscious effort to love on my boy since we have gotten married!  Some of them are pretty random, but the way I see it, he’s so worth me trying to love on him in as many small ways as I can day in and day out!

Do you have any special ways that you love on your hubby?

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xoxo taylor

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