Five Easy 5-Minute No-Heat Hairstyles

Soooo…..I am normally late.  Usually, my hair is the issue because it looks something like below, and these hair styles have been a life saver when I am rushing to get out the door {so every day….lol}.  They’re quick, easy, and don’t require heat or anything other than bobby pins and some ponytails! So you can just wake up and go- and even if your hair looks like this (mine does) three seconds before you walk out the door, you will still be all set!


Here’s a quick video with all five hair styles and my favorite products to help save time on these styles!  I described them below, but the video will probably help these make a little more sense!

  1.  Messy Bun: Pull hair into a bun on the top of your head.  Pick and pull until you like the way it looks.  Secure to your head with bobby pins and pull a few pieces out above your ears for a little extra messy!
  2. Low Wrap Bun: Tease your crown and grab all your hair into a ponytail.  Don’t pull it all the way through on your last wrap-around.  Adjust the little bun you made until you like it.  Grab the tail that is sticking out and wrap around the ponytail.  Pick, pull, and pin the bun until you are happy and then pull at your crown until you are happy too!
  3. Side Fishtail Braid: Pull all your hair to one side and split into two sections.  Take a small section of hair from the outside of the back section and pull it over the top of it into the inside of the front section.  Repeat the process starting with a strand of hair in the outside of the front section pulling it into the insde of the back section.  Continue and secure with a clear elastic.  Pin your hair so that it doesn’t fall out with bobby pins and pick your crown and pull at the braid itself until you’re happy!
  4. Deep Side Part French Braid: French Braid the “bang” or front section of your hair.  I like to do a Dutch French braid by pulling the hair underneath intead of over.  I also only pull pieces closest to my face (so I’m only adding hair to the “front” of the braid).  Braid all the way down and secure with a clear elastic.  Pull the stiches apart for an even messier look.  Grab the rest of your hair, pull into a low messy bun, and the pick, pull, and pin until you love it!
  5. Messy Perky Pony: Start off your perky pony by putting your hair 1/2up, 1/2 down, picking and pulling at the crown, and then pulling it super tight to your head.  Then grab the rest of your hair and pull it up into a pony with the smaller one.  Pick and pull at both the pony and your crown until you are good to go! In my opinion, the messier the pony, the better!

I hope that these five quick hairstyles help make you feel a little fancier a little quicker!

xoxo taylor




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