2 Marriage Tips ~ The 2 Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned from 2 Years as a Wife

Marriage teaches you a TON.  I thought I would learn so much about my husband after we got married.  And I have learned lots about him, but you know who I have learned the most about?  God.  And then myself.  And then my husband.  So today, on our two year anniversary, I’m sharing the two biggest lessons that I’ve learned from being a wife.

Lots of what I have blogged about has been from things that I’ve learned, so I’ll be linking a few extra posts throughout this one too! 🙂

2 marriage tips 1

Lesson Number One:  The ONLY thing that will truly satisfy your heart is Jesus- your husband can’t and won’t.

This is a toughy, and I think I’ll probably spend a lifetime making sure that I keep this one in check.  It is SO easy to depend on our husbands for our satisification and happiness.  But you know what happens?  When he doens’t tell you you’re pretty enough times or he’s late coming home from work or he says something that hurts your feelings or whatever…. then your contentment and happiness start to plumett if they’re resting in him.  I know because I have done this one too many times.  And I have also got completely bent out of shape about things unnecessarily one too many times.

And the issue has always been that I was not keeping the Lord my first priority- I made it my husband instead.  But when I do make a conscious effort to put the Lord first, loving my husband comes so much easier.  It makes me want to serve him, love on him, and be kind to him.  It makes me grateful for him and laugh at all the little things he does that I would probably find annoying otherwise. lol.  Keeping the Lord my first priority makes ALL the difference in our marriage (or what I contribute to it at least).  I realize now that it is unfair for me to put the burden of keeping me fully satisfied, content, and happy on my husband because he just can’t do that for me.  And there is SO MUCH freedom for both of us when I don’t expect him to.

So if you’re a wife or fiance or even if you’re single and reading this, know this: Jesus is the ONLY one who will truly satisfy your heart because ultimately you were created for a relationship with him, not your husband.

Jesus is the ONLY one who will truly satisfy your heart because ultimately you were created for a relationship with him, not your husband Click To Tweet

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Lesson Number Two:  Only God can change hearts- both yours and your husband’s.

Another toughy.  What did you expect though? lol.  This one is something that I also keep learning day in and day out.  God is the maker and changer of hearts.  And trying to change my husband does one of two things:  makes me frustrated when he doesn’t or makes him do the opposite of what I want him to do.  So why do I try?? lol. The only person who can mold and shape my Hubby’s heart is the Lord.  So now, I really try hard to just pray for my husband day in and day out and let the Lord do what He needs to with that sweet heart of his.

Pray that your heart doesn't try to replace the Lord with your husband. Click To Tweet

I will tell you, most times when I’m really frustrated and think I’m doing the right thing by  praying that God change my husband’s heart though, I hear a little whisper that says “But what about your heart?  Is it in the right place?”  9.5 times out of 10, if I’m praying for God to “fix” something in my husband, I’m actually the one who needs the fixing.  Funny how that works huh?

To put this easily: prayer should be your number one priority when it comes to the hearts of both you and your husband.  Pray for the Lord to minister and work on your husband’s heart in the ways that he needs and pray for your heart to be soft and tender and loving towards him.  Pray for selflessness and self-discipline and a controlled tongue.  Pray that your heart doesn’t try to replace the Lord with your husband.

God is the maker and changer of hearts. Click To Tweet

My Hubby and I met not quite three years ago and we have been married for two today.  He is everything I prayed for and more, so if you’re out there waiting for your man, know that it is so worth the wait.  And if you’re a married gal pal,  I hope that you learn these lessons before I did! 🙂

And Husband, if you’re reading this, I love you so much more than I ever knew I could.  Thank you for teaching me about our Savior day in and day out whether you know you are or not.  

xoxo taylor


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Copper/Peach Make Up for Summer

I love using peaches/coppers in the summer!  I don’t pull them out very often, but I always love when I do!  This is a natural, fun, summery look that you could wear to a date or girls night or just out and about!  That’s what I love about these orangey-tones- they can go dressy or casual depending on your outfit/hair!  I especially love using peach/copper make up because it contrasts my blue eyes and makes them pop- somethig fun to try if you have blue eyes like me!!

copper-peach make up for summer

Below is the link to my tutorial on YouTube (be sure to subscribe there!), but I have also included a description of each product I used and its color so that you can recreate the look yourself with ease using products that you already have.  If you’re interested in any of the products I used specifically (obviously I love them or I wouldn’t use them- haha), just send me an e-mail and I will get you more info!  Brushes I used are also linked in their own section!




(I do my lids/lashes first, then do my lower lashline & bottom mascara after I finish my face)

Flesh Toned Priming Shade  ~ Sandstone Pearl ShadowSense: use this shade to cancel out veins or redness all over your eyelids if you have them (Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush*)

Neutral Light Brown Shade ~ Moca Java ShadowSense:  apply to the crease of your eyes with a fluffy brush (Sigma E70) & run underneath your entire lashline when finishing your eyes (Real Techniques Smudge Brush*)

Copper/Peach Shimmer Shade ~ Copper Rose Shimmer ShadowSense: pack on your entire lid with either your finger or a flat shadow brush & use underneath your entire lashline when finishing your eyes.  I used about two layers. (Sigma E65)

Light/Irridescent Shimmer Shade ~ Pearlizer MakeSense Foundation: pack onto about the inner 1/3 of your lid to add some shimmer/sheen without losing the copper/peach shade you just applied.   (SeneGence Small EyeShadow Brush)

Darker Brown Shade ~ Garnet ShadowSense: pack into your crease and on the outer 1/3 of your lid.  I applied with a small, denser brush and then blended with a larger domed fluffy brush.  I used the smaller, denser brush to go back and apply some color to the outer 1/3 of my lashline connecting it to my lid when finishing my eyes. (Real Techniques Instapop Crease Brush* & Deluxe Crease Brush*).  I also used this same shade as my liner.  I applied with a small angled brush and then blended/smudged it out with a tiny domed shaped brush for a more natural looking/less harsh line.  (SeneGence Angled Brush & Real Techniques Precision Smudge Brush*)

Black Liner  ~ Onyx ShadowSense: use for a tightline to darken & define your lashline  & then to create a thin line (SeneGence Eyeliner Brush)

Mascara ~ UnderSense followed by one layer of Too Faced Better Than Sex Masacra, one layer of Benefit Bad Girl Bang Mascara & then topped LashSense in Black; only LashSense on bottom lashes!


Primer ~ Silk Pore & Wrinkle Minimizer

Foundation ~ MakeSense Anti-Aging Foundation in Fawn mixed with Natural Transucid Powder: pack the color on your face starting from the center and working your way out (Sigma F60)

Under Eye Concealer ~ Color Concealer in Medium (Beauty Blender)

Green Concealer for redness ~ Color Concealer in Green

Brow Filler ~ Smoked Topaz ShadowSenseI start with the outer half of my brows since they are more sparse and lighter and then fill in the inner half with a flat angled brush (Real Techniques Brow Brush*)

Bronzer/Contour (either powder or cream 2 shades darker than your foundation) ~ Fawn Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation mixed with Deep Concealer: apply anywhere you want to sculpt/shape your face; I apply mine under my cheekbones, to my hairline, jaw, down my neck to blend, down the sides of my nose, and under my bottom lip (Sigma F40 & Real Techniques Buffing Brush*

Highlight (either powder or cream 2 shades lighter than your foundation) ~ Color Concealer mixed in White & Light: apply anywhere you want your face to appear brighter; I apply mine in a triangle shape under my eyes, to the bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, center of my chin & forehead, & right above my browbones (Real Techniques Contour Brush*)

Copper/Peach Blush ~ Copper Rose Shimmer ShadowSense: I used the same color as what I did on my lids for this to tie the look together!  Apply to the apples of your cheeks to bring some color back to your face (Real Techniques Stippling Brush*)

Natural Setting Powder ~ Transluent Powder in Natural:  use to blend out your face up to this point; I also take a clean powder brush after this to really blend and dust away any excess powder (Sigma Large Powder Brush)

Shimmery Highlighter ~ Pearlizer MakeSense Foundation: apply to the tops of your cheekbones and anywhere light would naturally hit your face; I apply mine additionally right above the center of my eyebrows, the lower part of the bridge of my nose, & my cupids bow.  This is what I used on the inner 1/3 of my eye lids too!


Your favorite neutral/peach lip combo ~ Apple Cider LipSense, Glossy Gloss, Sand Gloss

If you are interested in any of the products that I used, send me an e-mail and let me know which ones! I will get back to you as quick as I can!


I hope that y’all like the peach/copper tones for summer!  Let me know what you would like to see next!

xoxo taylor


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Bumpdate: 1st Trimester Tips & Must Haves

First of all, Mini Muffin is a GIRL!! We are both so excited!  Shocked, but excited! God has already been so so good to us through this season!  If you are a Mommy/ Girl Mom too, leave me all of your advice! haha.

1st trimester bumpdate 1

Second of all, time FLIES when you’re pregnant!  I am almost 22 weeks now, but I wanted to share with ya’ll a few things that helped me throughout my first trimester!  Overall, this has been a pretty smooth and easy pregnancy (which I am thanking the Lord for!), but I just wanted to share what helped me get through what wasn’t so easy!

1st Trimester Symptoms & What Helped

-Tiredness/Fatigue: I don’t really feel like there is anything that can help with this one other than sleep (since they tell you to watch your caffine intake)!! I was SO tired just all the time.  Even though I had heard this happened to you, I was amazed at how tired I was when I hadn’t even done very much that day!  Sometimes, it was all I could do to get up and make my Hubby & I dinner!  Needless to say, I rested a TON during this time.

-Nausea:  Again, so typical of pregnancy, but I did get nauseous.  It wasn’t every day or all the time or anything like that (again, I am praising the Lord for this), but there were a few days I stayed in bed all day because of how nauseous I was.  What helped me was drinking a sparkling water or eating something very bland.  I kept little baggies of Saltines crackers upstairs, downstairs, in my purse, and in my gym bag the entire first trimester.  If I could drink something a little bubbly or even just some water and snack on something bland like those crackers, usually I could get it to pass.  A few other snacks I reached for were dry toast/bread of some sort or applesauce.  Eating little meals/snacking thoughout the day also helped me keep the nausea at bay.  Walking also helped, so if I could, I would get myself to the gym first thing in the morning and walk/jog on the treadmill.  Eating as soon as I got up also helped, so my little routine became wake up, eat something within about 30 min of being up, and then get to the gym.  On mornings I did this, I noticed a LOT less nausea.

-Break Outs:  My skin has been INSANE since getting pregnant.  Still waiting for the #pregnancyglow.  lol.  I have been using my essential oils during my skincare routine on my face way more than usual because I’m not worried about the ingredients in those.  I also was having BAD break outs on my back, ESPECIALLY during the first few weeks of knowing I was pregnant (so Weeks 7-9ish).  I switched over to THIS body wash and it does seem to help.  I think the scrub is what did it- I used the same body wash without the scrub before hand.  I’m still using the scrub now and it has calmed down big time!  I realize that lots of it was probably just hormonal too.  I still feel like this is more of an issue than it was for me before I was pregnant, but its TONS better than what it was before!

-Girl Growth:  This is the first time I had ever outgrown a bra in my life. lol.

-Stomach Issues:No one told me about this one, but let me tell you, this was a MAJOR thing for me the ENTIRE first trimester.  I was bloated all the time if that clues you in. haha.  Eating lots of fiber (Fiber One Cereal & raw veggies) and drinking tons of water is what my doctor said to do.  It did help, but holy cow was this symptom a surprise!!! hahaha.

1st Trimester Purchases/ My Must Haves

-New Bra:  The only thing that I really outgrew my first trimester was my bra.  I started HATING the ones with underwire in them.  I found one that wears like a bandau and has removeable straps, so you can also wear it strapless! Win! It was like $17 at Target.

-BioOil: I wanted to buy something to avoid stretch marks the minute I noticed that body parts were growing faster than normal. lol  My Mommy friends recommended BioOil, and I am on the train now too!  I am also using it on my belly now, and so far, so good!  It has a pretty smell and is lightweight, so I put it on in the morning while I’m getting dressed and then again before I go to sleep!

-Button Extenders:  I did use these a FEW times while I was really bloated during the first trimester.  Most of my pants I could still get buttoned no problem, but there were a few days in my less stretchy pants that I pulled these out.  These are the button extenders I got!

-Decaf Coffee: I tried a TON of decaf coffees. And they all tasted SUPER watery to me and I hated them all.  I asked a few friends what they drank while they were pregnant, but I had a hard time finding the brands they recommended at my grocery stores.  So, I found THIS coffee, and it is a GAME CHANGER! It doesn’t taste watery like all of the other ones I tried.  It just tastes like a normal cup of coffee to me and it is Decaf! I did see that they had options for 1/2 caff and other levels of caffination (is that a word?) too though!  And how cute is the name?! This amazing decaf coffee is called Mommee Coffee!

-Books: I bought or was gifted these three books and they have been so fun to have!  The cookbook is AMAZING! I have made so many things from it!

The Whole 9 Months

Pregnancy Day by Day

What to Expect When You’re Expecting


All of my childhood food favorites! Turkey sandwiches, pop tarts, chocolate milk, and sugar of any sort. Haha. Giant salads and carrot sticks were also something I always wanted.


Chinese food was really the only thing I didn’t want during my first trimester- soy sauce in particular. I also started wanting to eat more carby things in the morning- typically I’m an eggs and fruit girl.


These are just for fun, but I have only been consistent at getting a good bump photo about once a month, but you can’t even really tell there’s a bump during this first trimester! haha.  I definitely FELT like there was though!

I hope that you’re if you’re expecting this was helpful to you too! I know I wanted all the info from anyone I could get it from! haha.  In the meantime, I’ll be over here shopping for hair bows and busting out all the pink!

xoxo taylor

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How to Avoid New Girl Anxiety: 4 Tips & Truths

Being the new girl in a group is never necessarily fun or easy.  The thought of being totally rejected, eating alone in a bathroom Mean-Girls style comes to mind… lol.  But for real, being the new girl is probably not anyones’ favorite thing ever.  Being a military wife, I am CONSTANTLY meeting new people and going to new groups.  The first one is always a tad nerve-wrecking especially if I don’t know anyone there already!  I just call it “New Girl Anxiety.”  lol.

It has gotten easier for me to continue to go to new groups/meetings though, so I thought I would share what helps me! So here is how I avoid the dreaded “new girl anxiety” in 4 little tips and 4 little truths!  I hope these are helpful for you too!

how to overcome new girl anxiety - 4 tips and truths

4 Truths for New Girl Anxiety

“Haven’t I commanded you: be strong and courageous?  Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” 

Joshua 1:9, CSB

If you need a bit of extra courage, just remember that God doesn’t command us to be afraid! He commands us to be strong and courageous and tells us that He is with us…whether we’re going into the Promised Land like the Isrealites here or into a group where we don’t know anyone! 🙂

“…Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” 

Esther 4:41, NKJV

You never know why God has you where He does.  But that’s the thing….He has you RIGHT where He wants you.  Trust in that.

“Peace I leave with you  My peace I give to you . I do not give to you as the world gives.  Don’t let you heart be troubled or fearful.”

  John 14:27, CSB

Being the new girl can for sure be nerve-wrecking!  So remember that Jesus will give you His peace when you are nervous! Say a prayer for peace before you walk in and trust that He will not let your heart be anxious!

“Commit your works to the Lord and your thoughts will be established.”

Proverbs 16:3, NKJV

This one seems odd, I know, but if you view each new group you’re a part of as a chance to shine God’s light and commit your presence there to Him, then I bet you’ll feel lots more at ease going into the group the first few times!

4 Tips for New Girl Anxiety

Remember that everyone was new once.

This is probably what helps me the most when I’m thrown into a new group of girls!  Whether it be at a job, a group, a meeting, whatever…. everyone was new at some point!  Just remembering that helps me because it reminds me that everyone has been in my shoes.  And chances are, they were just as uncomfortable as I am right then. So if you’re feeling awkward/nervous in a new group setting, just remember that most likely the other girls there weren’t as relaxed in their beginning as they appear now and that you too will get to a spot of feeling comfortable in your new setting!  It just might take a time or two being there and around those girls/people!

Ask follow up questions.

Another thing that I think weighs on girls going into new group settings is “What if we have nothing in common and therefore nothing to talk about?!” Totally been there.  The best thing I have found to do is to foucs on the other person and ask follow up questions.  Simply asking, “What’s your favorite thing about that?”  “How did you get started doing that?”  or saying “I don’t know alot about that- what is it like?!”  can spark conversation and help you relax in the group!  And once you started chatting, you never know where that conversation will take you!

Don’t let differences intimidate you.

The first time I walked into a meeting of military wives, I was really intimidated because it was the first time in my life that I had been in a group where we didn’t have a shared activity or interest in common.  Instead, it was our lifestyles.  And we are all SO different!  But honestly, that is what I LOVE about being a military wife!  I have made tons of new friends who are so different from me, but that is what I have come to love about them!!  And at the same token, I have also made lots of friends who are very similar to me too!  So don’t let people being different from you intimidate you- embrace it!  And realize that if you’re in a group setting of some sort, chances are you have at least one thing in common.  For me, it was our husbands/lifestyles.  So if you just don’t know what to talk about or relate to someone about, you can always restort back to the one thing that brought you to the group in general!

Remember your story is unique to you!

As you are getting to know people, they will want to get to know you too.  So don’t be embarrassed about your story or think it’s not as good as anyone else’s!  God has written your story just the way He wanted to, so don’t be afraid to share it with others!  After all, no one has your exact story but you!

I hope that these tips and truths can help you feel a little bit more at ease the next time you walk into maybe an uncomfortable or unfamiliar group of people!

Do you have any tips for me?!

xoxo taylor


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June Favorites

Happy Last Saturday of JUNE, y’all!  I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by!  Here are the few things that I have been really loving this month!

Favorite Verse This Month


psalm 1031

This has just been a sweet summer and I am SO thankful to the Lord for all He is doing in and teaching me in this season I’m in.

Favorites This Month



I have been LOVING these little travel containers for all of the things lately!  I have used them to pump my skincare into while travelling and have LOVED not having to cart all my big bottles around! I’ve also been using them to pre-mix lots of my favorite make-up combinations!  They are super handy for foundation or lip shades!

Click HERE* for travel containers!





My sweet in-laws sent me this Bible for my birthday, and I just LOVE it!  It is sort of like a study Bible with the notes built into the text is the best way I can describe it.  It’s not super bulky and is a very easy to understand translation.  I reach for this one lots when reading Psalms & Proverbs!

Click HERE* for this Bible!





I am OBSESSED with this facial spray!  I spray it on every morning before I do my makeup after I put on my skin care and I also keep this travel bottle in my purse and spritz it on whenever I’m out running around and feel hot or sticky!  It smells so pretty! My make up artist at my wedding used it, and I loved it so much I bought some as soon as I got back from my honeymoon. LOL! This travel bottle is less than $5.  Here it is next to my hand just so you can see a size comparison!

Click HERE* for the four ounce version, which is twice as big!  It’s the only one I could find online!





I love food, so one of my monthly favorites is always a snack!  Also, I’m obsessed with Trader Joes so it’s always a snack from there. haha. This is my snack of the moment.  These have been PERFECT for throwing in my purse or eating on my way to or from the gym or whatever!  They were a LIFESAVER throughout my first trimester nausea.  They are so yummy and just the perfect little healthier-than-a-cookie treat!





I read several different places that dry-brushing before you shower helps to prevent cellulite, so that was enough for me to purchase one!  I actually got this one at a spa during a massage, but they have them everywhere!  You just brush towards your heart starting at your hands and feet in short motions.  If nothing else, it feels SO good to do this and then take a hot shower!!

Click HERE* for one I found that looks extremely similar to this one, just with a different handle!


Reads This Month

I read two books in May and finished up another one this month,  and am in the middle of two more that I”ll share when I finish! I LOVED all three of these books!

The two that I read in May were A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George and The Rock, The Road, and the Rabbi by Kathy Lee Gifford. Both were AMAZING!!!

I also read Giddy Up, Eunice! by Sophie Hudson this month and enjoyed it as well! I would call it more of a “beach read”. It’s just light and fun and all about gal pals!

Your Favorites

Here are the top three posts from May and June!

How to Pick the Best Bible for You

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That wraps it up for this month!  Do y’all have anything you’re loving that I should try!?

xoxo taylor


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What to Wear for the 4th of July ~ Last Minute Amazon Prime Edition!

I’m a MAJOR last-minute-shopper.  So about last week I realized that I’m pregnant (with a belly that finally popped!) for the fourth of July and had nothing in my closet that was red, white, or blue that fit me that would be appropriate for any of the plans we have!

Amazon Prime to the rescue!! I have linked as many details for y’all as I could, but I found all of these cute, quick options on Amazon Prime and they were all under $20 each! You should still have time to get these delivered by Tuesday if you really need it for the Fourth, but they are also just great summer options as well! All are cotton and lightweight which is all I want to wear right now! lol.

what to wear for the 4th of july- 3 outfits from amazon.jpg

What to Wear for the Fourth of July Option 1- Cute

This dress is SO comfy! I have been living in it since I ordered it!  I went with a Large so that I have room for my belly to grow. Normally, I would have went with a Medium to make sure it was long enough- I actually think I could have worn a Medium now, it just wouldn’t have as much growing room.  It’s just a little swing dress and is so lightweight and comfy without being sheer or see-through. It comes in lots of other colors too! I think I’ll be needing to stock up on one or two more!

I love pairing a cottond dress with sneakers for a BBQ or day outside, and it also looks cute with a baseball hat!


LONG NECKLACE: Kendra Scott/ LIPS: Fly Girl LipSense/ SUNNIES: RayBan




What to Wear for the Fourth of July Option 2- Casual

This little t-shirt is something that I usually wouldn’t buy, but since the Fourth is on a Wednesday, we are just planning to be super casual.  That said, I thought this tee was classic looking and cute!  I paired it with denim shorts and some little espedrille flats to dress it up just a tad.  I also added a lightweight chambray over it- sometimes I get cold in the evenings or want a light layer to hide from the bugs! lol.

I actually love the material of this tee- it is a little thicker, but still soft and lightweight!  You definitely wouldn’t have any issues with it being see through or too sheer!  Again, I went with a Large for my belly and to have some growing room, but I probably would have gone Medium pre-pregnancy.  The best thing about this tee is it’s under $15!


SHOES: Tory Burch/ SHORTS: Target- maternity/ LIPS: Fly Girl LipSense


What to Wear for the Fourth of July Option 3- Dressier

I LOVE this top! It is so loose, so I know it will be on rotation in my closet throughout my pregnant summer. lol.  The crochet top is SO cute!  It came in TONS of other colors and is just so comfy and flowly!  I paired it with jeans and heels- who knows?! The Fourth might end up a date night for some people since it’s in the middle of the week! lol.

I actually think I could be safe wearing a Medium in this top right now.  I did order a Large in it too though because my belly is getting bigger by the day.  I wanted to be safe rather than sorry.  Because it is actually a SMIDGE big right now, it is a little too long to pair with shorts for me at this point. As my belly grows, it won’t be though! My recommendation in this one would be to size DOWN if you’re between sizes.  Pre-pregnancy, I would have wanted this top in a Small to be able to tuck it and so it would be a little shorter.

Amazing price point again- this cute top is under $18!


JEANS: old/ EARRINGS: Shiela Fajl/ CLUTH: Kate Spade/ LIPS: Fly Girl LipSense


I hope these Amazon finds help you if you’re a last minute girl like me! I love all of them and you’ll definitely be seeing me in them this summer!

What are your Fourth of July plans?!

xoxo taylor


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7 Tips for Bible Study while Travelling

We have been doing a TON of traveling!  And while it was SO fun to see all of our friends and family, it feels great to be getting back into our little routine here at home!  One of the things that always gets thrown off for me while travelling is my quiet time. However, I am reminded many times while on vacation how much I need the Word and my time with the Lord.  Without it, I find my annoyance level is higher, my selfishness is greater, my attitude is worse, and I am just overall not as happy and probably not as much fun to be around for others. lol.  I just need the grace and fuel that I get from God’s Word.

At my house, I typically do my quiet time first thing after my Hubs leaves for work.  I then make my coffee and head to my little spot.  Obviously, travelling can make this difficult.  I don’t have the hour or so to leisurely spend reading and studying when we have plans first thing or I slept in and want to get down to where everyone is to visit or I don’t have a book or reference material I wish that I did. It just makes it harder.  But, with all our travelling this summer, I did find a few things that helped me be more consistent with quiet times on these trips than I had been before, so I am calling that a win and wanted to share!


1.  Think about realistically about WHEN is going to be the best time for you to do this. 

Typically for me, when I’m travelling, the easiest way to get in some quiet time is at night.  My Hubs and I are alone in our room, we’ve said goodnight to everyone so I don’t feel like I’m ignoring whoever we’re with, and I’m able to open my Bible and get in at least a little time in the Word. So just think about your trip, plans, who you’ll be around, where you’re staying, etc and be realistic about when the best time for you to meet with the Lord is.

2.  Pack sparingly. 

Now, I am a heavy packer in general, so for me, if I am going to be gone for a day or two, I bring my smallest “reading” Bible and that’s it.  If I’m gone for a few days up to about a week, I typically bring my study Bible and one little notebook with me so that I can either journal, write things I’m thankful for, etc.  I have different notebooks for different things, so only bringing one is a sacrifice for me! Haha.  I also bring a little zipper pouch with a few pens and one or two highlighters.

If I’m gone for twoish weeks, I just pack what I can and make do.  Typically, the next thing I would add is one more of my notebooks and my journaling Bible because that is where I do most of my notetaking while I’m reading. So if I have room for this in a suitcase (or my Husband’s…), then I take it.  If I don’t have room, then I don’t.  But being gone for this long, typically, I TRY to get this journalling Bible into a piece of our luggage.


3.  Use the Bible App on your phone! 

I have accumulated/been gifted about six or seven Bibles recently, so in my normal quiet time at home, one of my FAVORITE things to do is to read the same passage or verse in several translations.  It’s not really practical to travel with that many Bibles though- that would take up way too many of my 50 suitcase pounds on the plane! lol.  So, when I’m traveling, like I said, I bring one study Bible ( plusmaybeeee my journaling Bible), and then I use the YouVersion app to read in other translations! It is sooo easy to use, and I love that I can still look up verses in other translations this way.

4.  Find an app to use instead of reference materials.

I have a Bible Commentary that I love and also a Bible dictionary that I use while studying.  I don’t use either or both of these every day, but if I just am NOT understanding something or there’s a cultural reference I don’t get, I love having these options to turn to.  When travelling, I use an app instead!  The Logos Bible app is my favorite for this!  Again, I love that I am still able to use reference materials while traveling without having to lug them in my suitcase.  To be honest, these two books alone probably weigh about 10 lbs….I could definitely use those pounds for shoes. lol.

5.  Take photos of your devotionals!

One of the BEST things I have been doing to prep for travel that I loved is snapping photos of the devotionals I’m reading on my iPad or phone.  Again, this way, I have them with me, but I don’t have to lug the books around. I just literally take photos of each day/ page and would read them from my phone or iPad.  I deleted them after I read them most days.  If I missed a few days of quiet time, sometimes I would just read a Psalm and catch up on these.



6.  Listen to your Bible if you can’t find time to read!

There were a few days that would pass without me even cracking open any sort of Bible  open or having a quiet time at all- I’ll be honest.  When I would realize this though, I would try to find a second or two whether it be while I was working out or getting dressed or whatever and just listen to the Word of God via the YouVerseion app.  Whether you’re on the road, waiting in an airport, or getting ready for bed, this is a GREAT way to at least get the Word in your mind and on your heart even if you can’t sit down right then and actually read a physical Bible.

7.  Give yourself grace.

God gives us grace, so give yourself a little bit of grace in this area too.  I think the most important thing is to keep Him your priority even when your norm is thrown off.  It’s going to look different than it does when you’re in your routine, but the important thing is to just make the time for Him, even while travelling!  To be honest, sometimes chatting with my family about the Bible made me feel like I had had a quiet time even if I wasn’t the one opening my Bible and reading that day.  I still felt poured into from the Word because that’s what our discussion was about.  So just find a way to get yourself some fuel from the Bible and then don’t beat yourself up about not doing it exactly how you usually do.


I know I can tell a big difference in myself when I don’t make the time for SOME sort of quiet time, especially when I’m travelling.  I’ll be honest and say I am SOOO not perfect at implementing these tips on my trips each and every day, but they have helped me to be more consistant in spending time with the Lord while travelling than I used to be, so I hope they help you out too!

xoxo taylor


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10 Easy Ways to Make God Your Priority

“Let the words of my mouth and the medittation of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my stregth and my Redeemer.” 

Psalm 19:4


“Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.”   

Colossians 3:2

According to Merriam-Webster’s, “meditation” is  “to focus one’s thoughts on; to reflect, to ponder over.”  These two verses have recently reminded me of how important it is to “meditate” or turn my mind to or remind myself of Jesus throughout my days.  To me, this is prioritizing the Lord during the ins and outs of every day.  It’s choosing to put Him first before other things.

It’s easy to focus on the Lord on Sunday morning or during a Bible study, but the crazy Monday or the Thursday that turned into nothing you thought it would? It’s a little bit harder to keep my mind “on things above” on those days… at least for me.  So, here are 10 Easy Ways to Make God Your Priority and hopefully help your heart focus a little bit more on the things above!


 1.  Read your Bible. 

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but God uses His Word to speak to us, so make sure you are taking the time to get into His Word each day, even if it’s only five minutes! Something is better than nothing!

 2.  Pray. 

Another one that is probably pretty obvious, but praying and talking to the Lord automatically turn your heart towards Him, so make this something that you incorporate into your every day as well!  And you can pray however you need to- say it out loud, think it in your mind, write it down…whatever works for you!

 3.  Memorize Scripture. 

This is one GREAT way to put the Lord at the forefront of your mind!  Thinking about His Word by memorizing it is SOOOO beyond important.  Not only is it helpful in conversations when you might not have a Bible on hand to grab and locate a Scripture, but it makes it lots easier to overcome temptation too!  Think about how much easier it would be to say no to sin if you had a scripture memorized that combatted it!  Plus when you’re working on memorizing Scripture, you literally are forced to think about it and focus on God!

 4.  Pick a task or a hobby that you don’t do until you have spent some time with the Lord. 

For me, this is working out.  I love working out, and I try to do it at least four out of the five weekdays, but I don’t let myself leave for the gym until I have spent some time with the Lord.  So pick something that you enjoy doing and committ to not doing your “thing” until you have had some quiet time.  Maybe it’s not turning on the TV when you get home or maybe it’s not eating dinner or maybe it’s not scrolling through social media- whatever it might be, just think about something that you always do that you can put off until you have spent some time with your Savior.

 5.  Listen to Christian music. 

I am not saying that you absolutely have to listen to nothing but Christian music, but this is again an easy way to put the Lord first in your selections.  Maybe you pick a time of day where you listen to only Christian music.  Or maybe you add in several Christian songs into your workout playlist.  Whatever!  Music is another easy way to turn your mind back to the Lord!  And think about how often you get songs stuck in  your head…wouldn’t it be great if said songs pointed you to the Lord?


 6.  Listen to Christian podcasts. 

Podcasts are SO fun and there are SO many great Christian podcasts out there to listen to!  Pick a time of day where you usually have the TV on in the background and turn on one of these instead!

 7.  Read Christian books.

Again, not saying that your bookshelf needs to only be Christian books, but there is SO much great Christian literature out there!  I have read AMAZING Christian fiction and non-fiction books.  You can find one on nearly any topic that you are interested in or want to dive deeper into.  Maybe you decide to read one Christian book per month before you resume with your usual readings or maybe you switch over your audiobook during your workout or drive home to a Christian book.  Just another easy way to turn your mind to Jesus!

8.  Set a time in the middle of your day to pause and spend a second with the Lord.

Say a quick prayer, read a quick devotion, work on memorizing a Bible verse, whatever.  But pick a time of day (doesn’t have to be specifically 2:30 pm each day- could be just “right after I eat lunch” or “on my drive to the gym”) to refocus your thoughts on the Lord in whatever way you need to.  Afternoons in particular can get stressful and sometimes it’s easy to slip into a bad mood. So don’t let youself- instead, take the time to refoucs your heart and mind on Jesus!

 9.  Put scripture in places where you see it all the time.

This is a great tool for scripture memorization!  But putting scripture where you see it can be as simple as decorations in your house with Bible verses on them or maybe you write out a few notecards with favorite scriptures different places where you’ll see them each day, find a calendar with a scripture on it daily, make it your computer desktop, whatever and however you will see it!  Find a few places where you will always see the Word of God though! If you click HERE, you can claim a FREE phone background AND computer background of Colossians 3:2!

 10.  Take note of the weather and find a way to thank God for it each day. 

The weather can put me into a great mood or into a horrible mood.  But the weather is something that we all deal with every day.  So make it a habit to observe God’s creation in the weather and find a way to thank Him for it!  Even if that thankfulness is “Thank you that I have this raincoat on so that I don’t get soaking wet while the plants you made are getting water.”  lol!  God’s creation is another way He reveals Himself to us, so get in a habit of seeing what He is up to every day and appreciating His handiwork!


I hope that these ideas help you to make find a thing or two that you can apply to your life to start making God your priority, meditating on His word, and focusing on the things above!

Don’t forget…


xoxo taylor


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5 Minute Make Up Photo Tutorial

Since I’m traveling, I don’t have all my filming equipment with me, so I decided to improvise and took some photos while doing my make-up the other day!  I have listed out what I did step by step along with a photo so that you can see the progress of each step.  This really does only take me about five minutes to get through in the mornings!

One thing that I tend to do more and more in the spring and summer when I wear a little less make up is wearing a bold, bright lip with a minimal eye.  My focus is mostly on my skin and lips!  I think it makes you look very pulled together, but you don’t spend a ton of time on your eyes- which for me is the longest part of doing my make up!


Here’s what I did step by step- not the greatest lighting in the world, but the sun was all I had to work with! haha!

5min make up photo tutorial step 1

I started out with my usual skin routine and eye creme.

5min make up photo tutorial step 2

5min make up photo tutorial product step 2

I used a peachy toned concealer to cover up my dark circles, and a green concealer to cancel out any redness and blemishes.  I just used my finger to blend everything out.  It looks a little crazy in the photo, but I planned to cover them up a little more and even out the left over peachy shade in the next step.


5min make up photo tutorial step 3

5min make up photo tutorial product step 3

I used a stippling brush to apply a layer of tinted moisturizer for some light coverage and to even out my skin tone.  I used my ring finger to apply a little bit more to any areas that needed extra coverage and also to my dark circles and eyelids.


5min make up photo tutorial step 4

5min make up photo tutorial product step 4

I quickly bronzed my face around the perimeter and my under my cheekbones using a darker shade of foundation.  I tend to switch over to creme make up during the spring and summer- I just think it wears better on me during these seasons.  Then I brightened under my eyes and the center of my face with some light toned and white concealer mixed together.   I quickly dusted a light layer of powder over my face to set it in place.


5min make up photo tutorial step 5

5min make up photo tutorial product step 5

Once my skin is evened out and has some dimension to it, it’s time to add some color back!  I whipped up this mixture of creme blush with a stippling brush- I love the naturalness of the color when applied and blended out!


5min make up photo tutorial step 6

5min make up photo tutorial product step 6

The final step to my face was to add some shimmer to the very top of my cheekbones!  See the shine?!  I love this stuff!  This step is totally unnecessary, but I think it just adds some pretty!


5min make up photo tutorial step 7

5min make up photo tutorial product step 7

See what a difference adding some structure by defining your brows and some mascara does?! Holy cow!  I use an angled brush to apply this taupey-shade to my brows and curled my lashes before doing a quick coat of mascara.


5min make up photo tutorial step 8

5min make up photo tutorial product step 8

Here is the finishing touch- the lips! I think adding a bright, bold lip automatically pulls this together! It makes you look like you tried really hard to get ready, but you really didn’t!  Pinks, reds, and bright oranges are my favorite for this!

Brushes/ Products Used

Stippling Brush (used Step 3 & 5): https://amzn.to/2I8AGH6

Buffing Brush & Contour Brush (used Step 4): https://amzn.to/2G4WMnV

Angled Brush (used Step 7): https://amzn.to/2KMHVCh

Rimmel Pressed Powder (used Step 4): https://amzn.to/2rzQbN0

Loreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara (used Step 7): https://amzn.to/2IcwVMA

*If you’re interested in a SeneGence product, just send me an e-mail with what you’re curious about!*

I hope that this was helpful if you are looking for quick and easy, but pretty summer make up look!  I would love it if you would leave a comment and let me know if you liked this step-by-step photo tutorial or if you prefer videos!  Like I said, I was just improvising, but would love to know what y’all think!

xoxo taylor


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The Proverbs 31 Woman ~ Part 3

proverbs 311314

If you want to catch up on the Proverbs 31 Series, here are the links to the previous posts!  INTRO/ Part 1/ Part 2

In these next two verses, we see yet another side of the Proverbs 31 woman.  She is a willing, eager, diligent worker who uses the skills and talents she has to the fullest!

To give a little background/context to the verse above, wool and flax were two materials in the Bible used to make clothing.  They are both mentioned many, many times from the Old Testament to Revalation, and the skill of making them into yarn and linen for clothing was highly valued.  The Proverbs 31 woman obviously knew that she needed to use her skills, gifts, and talents to the best of her ability and truly lived out the principle in Colossians 3:23 which tells us to “work heartily as to the Lord and not to men.”

We also see here that she takes initiative.  The CSB and the NIV both say that she “selects” wool and flax and the NKJV says that she “finds” it.  She does what she needs to do to get her job done.   She is resourceful.  She didn’t have the materials readily availble, so she found them herself!!  From this, we can conclude that the Proverbs 31 Woman was proactive in her endeavors and wasn’t hesitant about putting in the necessary efforts. She puts in the effort necessary.

And she doesn’t put in this effort half-heartedly or begrudgeingly.  According to the NIV she “works with eager hands” and the NKJV and CSB both describe her working as “willingly.”  This adverb is defined as “readily; of one’s own free will”.   These descriptive words also tell us that she wasn’t “idle” as Proverbs 19:15 warns us about.  How many times do we do our work, but with a sour attitude or with minimal effort?  And how many times do we procrastinate just long enough so that we can put it off until tomorrow?  I am right here raising my hand shouting “GUILTY AS CHARGED!”  But, in striving to be like the Proverbs 31 Woman, we must overcome this because she shows us to work with eager hands, which I would presume means gladly and without complaint and also…promptly.  lol.


So how can we apply these characteristics and actions of the Proverbs 31 Woman to our lives?  Here’s a few ways I think we can!

-What are you good at?  This doesn’t necessarily have to be your “job”, but what gifts and skills do you possess? Figure this out first. For example, are you great at explaining things to others, are you an awesome graphic designer, do you have the gift of encouragment, are you extremely organized? The sky is the limit here- what gifts do you have and what skills do you posses because of them?!

-How can you use this skill to glorify the Lord?  Once you know what you’re good at, figure out how you can use this talent to glorify the Lord! The Proverbs 31 Woman was skilled in creating things from flax and wool, so she took initiative to further devlelop and utilize these skills.  But if you’re great at encouraging others, then maybe the way you use this gift is by signing up to be on the greeting team at your church and welcoming them in with a smile and an encouraging word!  Or if you are great at graphic design, then maybe you look for a job or find ways that you can give glory to God by contributing or selling great art work!

-What steps do you need to take to make this happen?  The Proverbs 31 Woman went out and “FOUND” her flax and wool.  So what are your “flax and wool”?  What materials do you need to further develop your skills and talents? Do some research if you need to, and start taking the next steps!

These two verses about the Proverbs 31 Woman let us know that she wasn’t lazy or idle.  She was a dedicated, resourceful worker who used what skills and talents she had in practical ways.  The good news for us is that this isn’t TOO terribly challenging to implement in our own lives! I hope that the questions above help you to get started on becoming more like the Proverbs 31 woman in this aspect!!!

xoxo taylor


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